Compassion, Intervention and Rescue: The Work of Humane Society International / Canada

A moving photographic exhibit in celebration of Earth Day

By the Get Leashed Events Team

Humane Society International - Get Leashed Magazine - Ryan Emberley

Photo credit: Ryan Emberley

Many people, even avid animal lovers, are unaware of the work Humane Society International/Canada does, everything they do to help animals behind the scenes, and the lengths to which they go to help the non-human creatures among us. This week, thanks to a series of moving photos by talented artists, the Toronto public will be able to learn about the organization as they wander through a captivating exhibit in one of the city’s most appealing pedestrian walkways.

In celebration of Earth Day (April 22nd), made possible through passionate efforts by Eric and Dana Margolis of the Eric S. Margolis Family Foundation (Dana is pictured below), Humane Society International/Canada has staged a moving photographic exhibit. This is the first time in the history of HSI/Canada that their work will be artistically displayed for a wider audience, highlighting the organization’s lifesaving work accomplished nationally and around the globe.

Humane Society International - Get Leashed Magazine_

At a glance, these powerful images will undoubtedly serve to educate viewers on the many challenges faced by animals and their rescuers, and the role Humane Society International/Canada plays in every aspect of bettering the the quality of life for  animals on our planet. On closer inspection, viewers can take in the striking photography and become better informed on the many ways the treatment of animals and the wellbeing of our planet are deeply interconnected.

The exhibition can be seen in person in the Allen Lambert Galleria, Brookfield Place, Toronto. Get there soon to take it in, as it’s only around until April 22nd!

Humane Society International - Get Leashed Magazine

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Photos of the exhibit and graphic design by Ron van der Wees.