Julia & Mike

Get to know this soon-to-be-married couple and Dexter the Doodle

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style Team

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Some people pick their dog based solely on their looks – these are not our kind of people. To truly find the dog that fits your life (and your heart), you need to do extensive research and maybe even hang out with a dog or two, all in the name of finding your perfect match. That’s what Julia Szwec did, and she’s reaping the benefits.

As Julia will tell you, Dexter is the perfect dog for her and her fiancé, Mike. The miniature golden doodle is a lover of people, loves visitors, and keeps up with their routine, whether that involves days in the park or nights entertaining friends.

We were able to catch up with Julia on the weekend and it’s easy to see all the ways that she and Dexter are two of a kind. This pup lives for weekends as much as any person out there. He is definitely not the kind of dog to laze the weekend away lying on the couch — quite the opposite. If his parents are home, he’s up for hanging out with them and climbing up on the laps of any friends who feel like dropping by!

Julia tells us more about her life with Mike and Dexter their Miniature Golden Doodle below.

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Please tell us about yourself:

I work as a Human Resources Associate at CIBC at King and Bay. My job consists of a variety of different activities and it allows me to exercise my favorite skills – communicating and working with people! I love nothing more than meeting new people, and my job allows me to do that.

Mike is a Sales Engineer for a company called ACI – Accelerated Connections – they specialize in providing flexible collocation, network and voice services to companies.

A bit about your pet:

Our dog’s name is Dexter! He is a miniature golden doodle. He is 3 years old. My fiancé, Mike and I got him 3 years ago, when he was 8 weeks old. I did extensive research on the breed that I was going to get. Mike has terrible allergies, so it had to be a hypoallergenic breed. I wanted a dog with a nice temperament, who is friendly and loving. Dexter is the perfect size, and as we like to say, the perfect dog! He weighs about 40 pounds, so he is a great mix between a large and small dog, which was exactly what I wanted!

I got Dexter in Ottawa and it was the best decision I have ever made. He is friendly, fun-loving, loves/needs a lot of exercise, and loves having guests over so he fits perfectly with my lifestyle and personality. We have exposed Dexter to so much since he was a puppy, so he is very comfortable visiting and staying at anyone’s house; he loves car rides, and even going on weekend trips! He especially loves swimming – whenever he sees a body of water he is in there, whether it is a lake, a pool, or a pond.

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What does your ideal weekend look like?

During the summer months we are usually up north, although last summer we spent almost all our weekends attending weddings all over Ontario, which was a lot of fun! In the winter we love snowboarding in Collingwood as well as doing other winter activities with friends. When we are in the city we love going out for brunch on Saturday mornings– our favorite brunch spots are Baka Gallery Café, The Drake Hotel, and Mildred’s Temple Kitchen. We also love going to the gym for a few hours (time permitting) and playing tennis.

In terms of incorporating Dexter into our weekends, we always try to take Dex for a long walk in High Park. He loves the off-leash trail that runs through the park, as well as the dog park itself! We often meet some friends there for coffee and all walk together. If we still have some time, I love shopping in Queen West (Dexter will come along as well), and spending time with family and friends.

In the evenings, we are almost always out or entertaining at our home. When we are dining out our favorite restaurants in the city are: Gusto 101, Playa Cabana, and we really love Local in Liberty Village for dinner and drinks. If we are entertaining, we love having themed parties, such as wine and cheese, Mexican night, and many other themed get-togethers with our friends! We love keeping busy, and having our friends and people around us in our world.

Describe your personal style:

I absolutely love fashion! I would describe my style as trendy with a few classic pieces thrown in. Some pieces that I will always invest in are handbags, jewelry and shoes. I find the trendy and classic mixture always finishes off my look, whether it’s a work suit and flats during the week, or leather leggings and booties on the weekends. Somehow my outfits always seem to come together in the end!

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What inspires you?

My family and friends inspire me every day! I am always learning and trying new things and they always inspire me to do this. Traveling also inspires me; I would love to travel the world! Mike and I will be spending almost a month traveling South East Asia for our honeymoon, and I cannot wait for all of the inspiration that will come from that trip. The way of life that I strive for is the perfect balance between work and play. I find that balance sometimes difficult to achieve with the craziness of life but I am always working to make the best balance possible.

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

My fiancé and I just bought our first home a year ago (I can’t believe it). We are slowly but surely making our home our own. We really wanted a house with more space and a backyard (for Dexter of course), so we decided a year ago that it was time to make our move to the west end. I can truthfully say it was the right decision! It is the perfect distance to downtown, and our area is developing more and more each day. Our home currently has a lot of modern pieces, the majority of my furniture being from Pottery Barn and West Elm. The one problem with being a home owner is there are always different renovations on your mind; our next home project is renovating our kitchen, which I am so excited for!

A story about Dexter:

That’s a tough question, as there are so many stories of Dexter. Dexter is a ‘people person’ through and through. He will do anything at all times to be as close to you/people as possible. For example, when we have guests over he gets so excited to see them he literally hops up on their laps so that he can be close to them. He does the same thing to us when we get home from work. He truly is the most affectionate and loving dog I have ever met.