Experience Pet-Friendly Luxury at Amanyara, Turks & Caicos

When your posh pup knows the difference between 500 and 800 thread count sheets

By Si Si Penaloza

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Beyoncé-approved Amanyara is a beacon of luxurious isolation on the turquoise sea. By far the top posh spot on the Turks and Caicos island of Providenciales, the resort is a long-standing favorite with celebrities and discerning travel insiders alike. A breath of fresh air in the sultry Caribbean heat, Queen Bey kicks back here with Jay Z, as do a host of other European royals who revel in the privacy of the resort’s paparazzi-proof layout. Guest villas are set back smartly from the shore and offer sliding glass walls on three sides, inviting in balmy fresh air and sunshine.

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Poised at the convergence of the aquamarine Caribbean and the deeper sapphire Atlantic, Amanyara’s true glory lies in its long, deserted beaches of talcum-soft sand. It should come as no surprise that the A-list is drawn to the peace and pamper factor here. Aman safeguards privacy to the highest level, but locals have spotted Roger Federer popping in and out of the resort. And, of course, there’s the now legendary tale of Prince surprising guests with an impromptu poolside New Year’s Eve concert in 2011.

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2016 marks Amanyara’s 10th anniversary, one of the most celebrated Caribbean retreats built in the last decade. What better way to celebrate than with a bit of cuddle time with your Coton de Tuléar? The resort’s series of stunningly-designed pavilions surround a dramatic black volcanic rock pool that leads out onto the marine reserve beyond. Well-mannered dogs are welcome in the resort’s villas, which offer smashing views and sprawling space in natural surroundings. In terms of dog amenities, Amanyara provides the following: beds, food and water bowls, nutritional bones, pet-approved snacks, dog toys, personal care products, courtesy bags and a leash.

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You’ll arrive at Amanyara in one of the resort’s fleet of white Land Rovers — complimentary airport transfers of course. Like many Aman Resorts, the reception area is part of an open-air structure that flows onto a serene reflecting pool surrounded by a library and main restaurant. Breezes waft through the timber-shingled open-air beach bar and dining pavilions. Amanyara is ideal if you go with your new flame (kids are welcome, though the vibe is decidedly adult). The aura of the resort was designed to be spellbindingly romantic—from tables for two overlooking a pool illuminated by hundreds of lights at night, to the private beach beds that practically disappear in Jurassic vegetation.

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The show stopper? A distinctive circular bar with soaring ceilings; beyond is the resort’s 164-foot infinity pool and sundeck overlooking a spectacular stretch of coastline. Guests at Amanyara don’t check into anything as pedestrian as a room — they’re ushered to individual pavilions and sprawling villas. All pavilions have a combined bedroom and living room, and a large bathroom area with a free-standing tub, two vanities, and a rainfall shower.

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Overlooking tropical gardens, most villas feature ocean views while others offer direct beach access and all are serviced by personal cooks and housekeepers. Get Leashed Insider Tip: Pavilion No. 115 has its own private stretch of beach. True, there are tennis courts and a small gym, but most guests come here for the sweet thrill of doing nothing at all, not to chase balls in 78-degree heat. Your dog will likely feel the same way, lolling in the shade by one of the reflective ponds. Fancy a dive? You’ll be thrilled by the proximity of Northwest Point, an almost five-mile-long reef and a true diver’s paradise.

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Aman Resorts is known for delving deeper — deeper food experiences; deeper spa epiphanies; deeper wellness programming. Amanyara is the ideal place to reimagine your love-hate relationship with Pilates. I flocked to the resort to rediscover my core, albeit hidden under a layer of soft tacos. At Amanyara, you experience the highest order of Erika Bloom Pilates. The opportunity to learn from Bloom, veteran Pilates instructor and former professional dancer, is akin to meeting the Pina Bausch of Pilates. She happens to be ravishingly beautiful to boot — Miranda Kerr meets Olivia Williams.

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Bloom has been innovating the art and science of Pilates for over 20 years. In 2002, she founded Erika Bloom Pilates to keep her devoted clientele at the top of their game. Hailed as a ‘Pilates genius’ by Vogue, Bloom’s dogged devotion to the individual needs of every client is what sets her above. Private sessions include a unique customization method with one of Bloom’s top instructors, Kim Almquist. Almquist remains on property through the end of the high season; she’s amazingly adept at hunting for the muscles that need strengthening and customizes intense, focused exercises. Amanyara added a dedicated Pilates studio filled with the practice’s apparatuses and tools: reformers, cadillacs, barrels, chairs, and magic circles.

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In sheer fitness envy, it’s a kick in the Lululemons to watch Bloom demonstrate on the reformer. No gym machine can simulate it: riding isolated muscles completely unique to Pilates. Having Bloom by my side while I work out is a rush. The result? A thrilling adductor-centered workout, promoting robust muscle tone. Who needs thigh gap?

Fitness is so much more than looking good in a bikini. More than any other hotel group, after extensive time spread over eight Aman Resorts from Marrakech to Moyo Island, I have come to appreciate their truly holistic approach to wellness and healthy living. This is the only spa in the world where you can have one of the top Pilates instructors confer with one of the best Balinese massage therapists to devise the most optimal body work for you on the day of your service. Bloom explained, with calisthenic precision, the exact point of strain in my overworked rotator cuff. This communication resulted in one of the most effective massages of my professional life.

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My therapist led me on a journey of body-conditioning lengthening, easing the tightness that comes from spending too much time sitting at a computer and allowing the equivalent of fluid and air to flow through my anatomy. The spa services at Amanyara are borderline telepathic. I didn’t even know I was craving ginger, lemon, and honey tea before it appeared at my side at the end of treatment.

With your best pup in tow, Amanyara is truly a little slice of heaven on earth.

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