Need Want Have: Sneaker Fashion Edition

I Get High: Old school turns new school in this high top, high fashion sneaker trend

By Danielle Goreski

NEED WANT HAVE - April - Sneaker Style - Get Leashed Magazine

Kicks used to be associated with some kind of sporting activity; luckily for our feet, however, sneakers are now on trend across the style board. I have to admit, I used to cringe at the thought of wearing a pair of sneakers outside of anything but the gym, but over the past year, sneakers, especially high tops, have strangely replaced my day time struggle in stilettos. With a bit of fashion ‘know-how’, it’s easy to refine your sport-luxe look with an amped-up pair of high tops. So kick off those heels and get ready to walk this way (blister free!). Get Leashed is getting a little high this April with my ‘Need. Want. Have’ list of drool-worthy sneaks.


/ to have need of; require

Francy Sneakers by Golden Goose

Hate the look of brand new sneaks? The best sneakers look lived-in. One of the reasons why Golden Goose has become one of my coveted faves for this season is due to the distressed vintage finish of these rocking high tops. All the scratches and various applied waxes are hand- crafted and handmade, making each pair very unique. The problem with this brand is that it’s hard to settle on just one pair.

Francy Sneakers in Leather and Suede Star by Golden Goose
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/ to wish, need, crave, demand or desire

Women’s Alta I Alba Rosado by Buscemi

When I found out that luxury brand Buscemi was launching its first women’s-only model of a high top sneaker, I felt like I needed CPR. Founder Jon Buscemi was the Wall Street Broker known for his incredible collection of 600+ pairs of exclusive and limited edition trainers, and later for his work at Oliver Peoples and for co-founding Gourmet Footwear. After launching his brand at Capsule Show in Paris on June 2013, it was game-on for the sneaker business.

The Alta High Top sneaker, like the male model, features beautiful, full-grain suede leather with hand-painted edges, signature heel handle and gold plated hardware featuring a 3-piece mechanical closure and lock. A concealed lift provides just the right amount of height to take you to a new level.

Women’s Alta I Alba Rosado High Top Sneaker by Buscemi
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/ to have or receive

Chuck Taylor All Star Andy Warhol Floral by Converse

I used to think that Converse sneaks were totally old skool until I developed a love affair with the colorful, easy-going appeal that Chuck Taylor’s offer. The staying power of these shoes, year after year, is incredible and the continuous reinvention and unique collaborations keep this brand moving forward as a fashion staple.

This season, Converse continues to work with the The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc., to create new and exciting designs. I fell in love with the pop art flowers and also with the re-crafted 1970’s Chuck design. Each print glows-in-the-dark, paying an eye-catching homage to Warhol’s black light period during the 80’s. These kicks are lots of fun to charge up under a light before a midnight walk with your best friend before you retire. Trust me, you won’t be missed!

If you’re not sure how to funk up or dress up your wardrobe with a pair, here’s a bit of visual inspiration from our friends at

Chuck Taylor All Star Andy Warhol Floral High Top Sneaks by Converse
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