Emma & Evan

Dog time on a sunny Sunday with this camp couple in the city

By the Get Leashed Doggy Style Team

Emma and Evan 13

Many people live two lives: a 9-5, Monday to Friday life, and a Saturday, Sunday and evening life. For dog owners, this split can also be broken down into “people time” and “dog time.” And while we’re all for getting our grind on and paying the bills, there’s no denying that “dog time” is just way more fun.

Emma and Evan have pretty serious professional 9-5 lives: Evan is in banking and Emma is a behavior specialist. While they no doubt kill it at work, we were able to catch this laid-back couple on a sunny Sunday (the first real one of Spring) and witness first-hand what a weekend of dog time looks like for this awesome Toronto couple.

With two high-energy border collies to look after, lots of time outdoors is a way of life for these two. Beers were flowing and legs were tanning as Em and Ev soaked up the last few hours of sunshine before heading back to their Monday life. We were glad we got to hang with them for awhile and get a glimpse into the dog time side of life that they so clearly enjoy.

Emma and Evan 4

Please tell us about yourselves:

I work for a private school in the city as a behavior specialist. I spend a lot of time with my students and become very attached to them — they become part of my life in such a great way!

I am also a photographer; I use film and digital cameras to document my life and the things that inspire me. Currently my life is all about Carter. You can follow us on Instagram @LIFE_WITH_CARTER or emmamccormick.tumblr.com.

Evan works for the bank. He supports investment advisors with everything from opening new accounts to transferring money internationally. The bank may be Evan’s 9-5, however, his real passion is our Toronto sports teams; he follows the Raptors and the Blue Jays pretty religiously.

A bit about your pets:

We have two dogs (sort of).

Carter (aka June Carter) is a pure border collie. She is mostly white and has one green eye and one blue eye. She is 2 years old! We named Carter after June Carter.  Evan and I sing Johnny Cash and June Carter’s “Jackson” together, so her name was easy to pick. The border collie personality suited us because we spend a lot of time at the cottage, camping, hiking and exploring and Carter easily joined our pack.

Charlie is an 11 years old pure border collie. She is a traditional black and white collie with brown eyes.  Charlie is Evan’s sister’s dog that we borrow/dognap for days, weeks or months at a time. Charlie was our ‘practice puppy.’ She helped us realize how much work a dog can be BUT how awesome it is!

Emma and Evan 10

What does your ideal weekend look like?

Our ideal weekend would most likely be spent up north at Evan’s family cottage. We spend a lot of time up north travelling from cottage to cottage; our group of friends all have cottages and the dogs love the off-leash time, swimming and the easy life up north. Our cottage weekends would start with a big brunch, followed by swimming, canoeing (with the dogs), a nice long hike and ending the day with some fishing and a campfire.

Describe your personal style:

Evan’s style during the week would be business casual; Evan’s style during the weekend would be that of a dope 90’s rapper decked out in sweet spots gear (found at goodwill).

My style is pretty boring compared to Evan’s sweet answer. However, you can usually find me in leggings, cowboy boots and some sort of flowy shirt/dress.

What inspires you?

Our family, friends and our dogs inspire us every day! Carter and Charlie are happy about the simple things in life — all they want is some outside time, food and love! I think we as humans can learn a lot from our dogs!

Emma and Evan 14

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

If you picture a foggy day in Newfoundland, that’s pretty much the colour pallet we are working with.  We want the feel of our home to be laid back and comfortable: somewhere that friends and dogs can drop by to hang out anytime.

A story about Carter & Charlie:

Carter: When Carter was only a few months old (5-6 months) we took her on a camping trip to the Massasauga provincial park. She was great and was totally in her element; she had her own dog life-jacket, stayed in the tent with us and even helped us navigate some pretty crazy weather!

On our first night out we were cooking our dinner and I was sitting with Carter next to me when I noticed something….I turned to Evan and said “Ev I think that’s a bear.” By the time Evan and I had grabbed anything to scare off the bear, Carter was barking and trying to make herself look big and tough!  Thanks to her and a little help from banging pots and pans together, we didn’t see that bear in our camp site again!

Charlie: The first time Evan and I were ‘dog-sitting’ Charlie we took her out for a nighttime walk and Charlie stopped to sniff at a bush. We heard some rustling, but Evan and I were obviously not thinking; then, as Charlie is standing there sniffing away at a bush, a skunk comes out! Evan, Charlie and I ran as fast as we could and as far away as possible! Luckily we escaped without getting caught up in the skunk’s stink bomb!