Social Pets: Samson the Dood

This Goldendoodle shows us just how hard a dog can chill

By Jon Nelson

Samson the Dood - Get Leashed Magazine

TBH, Get Leashed is slightly embarrassed that we haven’t given @SamsontheDood his own Social Pets feature yet. He exploded in popularity in 2015 when he hit 60K Instagram followers and his life in Brooklyn is just too cool to ignore. Rest assured, we’ve been following his every move; we even included him in our list of best Social Pets during the holiday season. Recently, the Goldendoodle hit 100K fans (and then 110K before we could get this feature printed!) and we could no longer resist giving our fans a bit more of the pooch they already know and love.

Samson the Dood 9  Samson the Dood 8

Samson chills. Hard. If there’s one thing we can’t resist, and we know you’re with us, it’s a dog in sunglasses, lounging. Samson does it with the best of them, constantly finding himself on hip Brooklyn patios or sprawled out in parks looking like he owns said park. He’s also a huge fan of eating  (chilling’s most beloved companion). As a true Brooklynite, Samson eats in style, promoting gluttony in the form of pizza, beer, donuts and the underappreciated breakfast-in-bed. Needless to say, we’re jealous of this dog’s lifestyle and want it for our own.

A Get Leashed hero — especially since he merges our Canadian hometown with our home-away-from-home in NYC — Samson and his owner Jessica, a medical resident by day, are living an Instagram dream life. Each shot captures a perfect moment of extreme fun that whisks viewers away, however briefly, from our mundane realities – which is exactly what the app is for! This week, Samson is taking over the Chase Bank Instagram handle to launch Freedom Unlimited and show everyone how he has #UnlimitedFun. This is no joke – a dog has your ideal life and Chase bank wants to promote the possibility of you having it too – by banking with them. How awesome is that? Seriously, go Samson!