Life of Vi: This is Four

How Violet Spent Her Fourth Birthday


Life of Vi This is Four

It hasn’t been the easiest year for Violet. The addition of her baby brother changed both her routine and her place in the pack, fairly dramatically. So when her birthday came around we felt we owed it to her to make it a special one. So what did we do to celebrate our little buddy’s fourth birthday? Exactly what she wanted to do.

Life of Vi Snuggle Puppy

Snuggle Puppy:

With the odd exception here and there, Violet has spent the past year sleeping in her crate. She never protested the move, never issued so much as a ribbit in revolt, but we know she’d much rather be buried under the covers, snoring and snorting away. So for her birthday, her mom brought her into the bed and cuddled her silly. Hey, it was Violet’s big day – she needed to wake up on the right side of the bed.

Life of Vi The Center of Attention

The Center of Attention:

Violet isn’t particularly needy (actually, she’s extremely needy, just not by Frenchie standards) But for her birthday, we made sure she never wanted for attention. Her dad even wore a shirt with her picture on it to show everyone just how important she is to us (thanks to Pop Your Pup! for making us man’s best shirt).

Life of Vi No Boys Allowed

No Boys Allowed:

He has awesome toys, but she isn’t allowed to play with them. His food is delicious, but she isn’t allowed to eat it (or, at least she isn’t supposed to). And even when they play, he often freaks out and ruins the fun. So for her birthday, Violet got a little break from her little brother. It lasted until he had lunch (because when he eats, she’s invariably at his side).

Life of Vi Park Life

Park Life:

Violet needs less exercise now than she did even two years ago. She still, however, prefers to get it in furious bursts (running in circles, diving in ponds, harrowing squirrels), and we had to honor that on her special day. That meant taking her to the park and unleashing our tiny terror for twenty minutes or so. No animals were harmed. Violet’s harmless, just nuts.

Life of Vi Rub-a-Dub


Of course, running amok in a park in spring is never a clean activity. When we got Violet home she went straight in the tub. We made a treat of it, though, giving her a thorough soaping and massage, getting the gunk out of all the grooves on her smushy face, cleaning her ears, trimming her nails, really pampering her. Hey, you only turn four once.

Life of Vi Sunset Stroll

Sunset Stroll:

To cap off Violet’s special day, we took her for a sunset stroll along the lake and gave her some gourmet treats. That’s it; nothing special. But when you have your family, what more do you need?