Keanu: Kitten, Please.

This ain’t yo grandma’s cat movie.

By Leslie Phelan

keanu the cat movie for non-cat movie goers

If you’re looking to take in a movie that will satisfy your craving for cute kittens WHILE giving you your action fix and maintaining your status as someone who doesn’t go to see cat movies, look no further than Keanu, now in theaters!

When we say this ain’t yo grandma’s cat movie, we mean it’s a cat movie that’s anything but stereotypical, packing all the firepower and adrenaline of, well, a Keanu Reeves action film.  The story takes two hopelessly un-streetwise cousins, who love a cat so much that they’d impersonate cold-blooded killers and travel deep into the gang world just to get him back.


Never before has a cat been the main catalyst for an entire adventure like in this non-stop, feature-length, total cuteness overload, and we think it’s about time. The movie stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele of the hugely popular sketch comedy duo, Key & Peele. They’ve now teamed up on the big screen to play Clarence and Rell, a straight-laced and nerdy pair of cousins who find themselves needing totake on tough, gangster-like personas in Keanu movie posterorder to pass as drug kingpins and infiltrate the compound where Keanu is being held. It’s a storyline that has ‘instant cult classic’ written all over it, because while it smashes down the racial cliches that haunt African American men in true Key & Peele form, it also breaks down what we’ve come to expect from the role of cats in film. For the first time ever, a cat is not the evil sidekick to a villain or a minuscule role of little importance, but an incredibly valuable creature, so much that an all-out gang war erupts between parties who’ll stop at nothing to keep him for themselves.


Consummate cat lovers of the world, rejoice: this movie is for you!



Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.