Social Pets – Mr. Opie the Frenchie

The tiny bulldog with the biggest attitude!

By Sarah Fisher

mr opie the frenchie the tiny french bulldog

Take a look at your own Insta ­feed. Are you noticing a certain furry friend is the star in 90% of the photos? If you haven’t already created a dedicated account for your own pup, it might just be time, because social pets are definitely taking off.

Meet Mr. Opie the Frenchie. Sabrina received Opie as a surprise Christmas gift from her boyfriend, Alex. As a major dog lover, she of course was thrilled beyond words and has given Opie more attention than Alex ever since. We’re not surprised; not only is Opie adorable, but he has a hilariously habitual mean muggin’ expression. When this guy is unimpressed, you know.

Given Sabrina’s love for writing and photography, starting an account for Opie was a natural fit, and coming up with the perfect, “aww” and laugh inducing captions is half the fun. Keeping a separate account for Opie also means that Sabrina can still share her famous food and fashion shots (this stylish Italian gal is one hella good hostess!), while satisfying those followers from around the world who want all Opie, all the time.

Below, Sabrina shares her experience with Opie’s rising insta stardom.

When did you decide that Opie needed his own account?

Opie was a surprise Christmas gift from my boyfriend Alex. We had always discussed wanting a little Frenchie but never did I ever imagine a little fur­baby so perfect would be mine. The minute I laid eyes on the little guy I knew I had to share his cuteness with the Insta­world.

Opie has such a distinct personality! How do you get inspiration for the captions?

He has the biggest personality ever. I have never met a dog who has so much sass and who literally has the exact same facial expression for everything. He makes us laugh all the time with his attitude and funny little antics that I honestly just try to imagine what he could possibly be thinking when I capture these photos and caption them.

opie and kenzo

Opie with his bf, baby Kenzo

What has been the funniest, most exciting, or surprising moment?

There are so many funny moments with Opie it’s so hard to pick just one! I would have to say one of the funniest things is something that just started recently. He loves all food but is especially crazy about veggies. Usually when we give him something it’s gone within seconds but lately he does this thing where he needs to walk around the house all nonchalantly with the food sticking out of his mouth for a good five minutes before he eats it.

The most surprising moment would have to be how much he has bonded with Kenzo (the baby in the photos). The day Opie left the breeder, he was a bit timid because he had just left his mom. When he came home, he took right away to Kenzo, crawling right up next to him and even falling asleep on him. Even to this day they have such a special bond and love each other so much! It’s honestly the sweetest thing to see.

How do you think Opie has built such a following?

I think it’s a mix of his unique look and coloring combined with his big attitude. We’ve had people recognize him from his Instagram as we were walking and they gush over him. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that he is so distinct.


You can follow Opie on Instagram @mr_opie_the_frenchie.

Photo credit to Irina Oey of @the_love_documentary for the shots of Opie and Kenzo.