Name That Pet: What To Name Your Cat Based On Famous Explorers

7 epic ideas for an adventurous puss


name that pet cat names after famous explorers

We fur baby owners are always on the hunt for unique names. Fido, Mr. Whiskers, Rover and Fluffy are just not up to snuff. How many times can we call for “Max” before our neighbor’s over-enthusiastic dog (or child) shows up on our doorstep in his place?

Without further ado we give you Name That Pet! — a series of clever pet names based on well-known characters of yesterday and today.

What To Name Your Cat Based On Famous Explorers:



If your cat thinks the world revolves entirely around him, then you have yourself a reverse Copernicus. Copernicus, an explorer of the heavens discovered that the earth actually did revolve around the sun — unlike what Mittens thinks. This essentially makes your kitty the Cat-holic Church in this scenario. But for the sake of controversy, I’ll just leave this here.


If your cat does a circumnavigation of the litter box before dropping anchor, you have yourself a Magellan. He’s always weaving in and out of your legs and circling his fuzzy little bed to find the most cozy corner to nap on.

Catnip Kirk

If your cat is a spaced-out cadet and acts out of this world, you have yourself a Captain Kirk. When he’s not on the nip, he’s living up to his namesake by chasing tabby tail. He’s quite the philanderer and willing to go where no tomcat has gone before.

Whiskerfurr Columpuss

If your cat is loved and celebrated but you’re not really sure why, because he’s actually a huge jerk, you have a Christopher Columbus. He’s always sitting on your computer when you’re trying to do work, laying claim to territory that is already occupied.

Fuzz Ball-Drin

If your cat seems to defy the laws of gravity and you find him in places that require a giant leap for cat kind, you have a Buzz Aldrin. When he makes safe re-entry from the roof of the house, you know it’s no hoax.

Furrmelia Hairhart

If your cat is always taking flight and disappearing for days at a time, you have yourself an Amelia Earhart. She never seems to be around and you’re not confident of where she has gone. She’s definitely an independent cat-woman and determined to complete her mission. Whether she did or not we’ll never know.

Spanish Conquistadorables

If you have a pack of cats that seem to conquer your heart, you have yourself the Spanish Conquistadors. Your kitties have colonized your home accordingly and turned it into their very own El Dorado. Your bed is now their bed, your home is now their kingdom, and they are now your masters.