Body Shaming: Are We More Accepting Of Pets Than People?

During patio season, doing this will land you in the dog house


body shaming is not cool for people or pets

We’ve come a long way in the body positive movement. Great achievements include the first plus size Sports Illustrated cover model, Ashley Graham, looking flawless, Gabourey Sibide slaying in her love scene in Empire, and Amy Schumer letting us know that even at 160lbs she can still catch a D whenever she wants; werk. Society is shining a light on the importance of accepting all types of bodies in the media and in life. It’s about time we caught up.We have already embraced loving our slightly rounder, but still healthy, fur pals for decades now, so why not ourselves?

Where can we start becoming allies with our fellow shapely humans? What better place than on the hot, happening patios of summer?!

body positive amy schumer ashley graham

So maybe the hair of the dog turned into the busted weave of an alpaca, and you’re feeling more willing to bark a few comments at strangers. (I’m looking at you, dude bros.) Don’t allow too many polar bear shots to be a catalyst to blurt hate speech to strangers. To some, you’re certainly not the finest fox in the hen-house. Imagine the shame your mom and Fido would feel knowing you were acting like such a jackass. If you are not kind for the sake of humanity, at least do it for your pet who thinks the world of you (even while the rest of us think you’re bull shih tzu).

For dog’s sake, let’s cease and desist taking pictures of strangers and posting them to social media. Cringe. Whether you think someone looks handsome in their Hush Puppies, or like a proverbial beached whale, it is not your place to broadcast their bodies for comedy. Ultimately, taking photos of strangers without their permission is creepy. How old are you? And what’s that in dog years?

With unseasonably hot weather, it’s safe to say it’s going to be a scorcher of a summer. Let’s allow all people to have a safe environment to enjoy themselves, their friends, and be comfortable. Cellulite, stretch marks, skin discolorations – that’s all normal and just what bodies do. Let’s face it, our meat vessels are incredibly amazing and at the same time, extremely gross.

Now asking people to lay off of body shaming does not mean we are glorifying obesity (mega eye-roll); we know it comes with health risks for both pets and humans. We are simply acknowledging the fact that regardless of size, every person is a thinking, feeling, contributing member of our society. All they did was not fit your ideas of beauty.

And beyond a person’s size, their body hair situation is also actually none of your business. Concerning yourself with others’ furry bits is alarming. You love your kitty’s hairy little legs, so let’s love our piliferous humans just the same.

Imagine if we judged our pets the way we judge members of our own species. What if everyone was ashamed to bring their mixed breed, wrinkly, stumpy, overweight or legless dogs to the dog park? What if your pup was too ashamed to show you its belly that you love rubbing so much? What if dogs judged one another other based on the amount of fur and size of waistline, rather than on posterior perfume? (I’m not advocating we humans smell each other’s bums, butt there is plenty of pheromone science behind it. So if you have consent and that’s your thing, get your bloodhound on.)

This patio season we should all vow to enjoy our cocktails, the sunshine and our bodies.

Whether you’re a tall drink of water or a short whiskey sour, we want to see you out there sipping on your Greyhounds and sprinkling kindness wherever you go.

A little mindfulness goes a long way.

chubby pug with teddy body shaming