Founders & Furballs – Sophia Amoruso

What does it really take to be a #GirlBoss?

By Stefanie Gibson

founders and furballs sophia amoruso banner

Behind every great woman is the dog that loves her. Sophia Amoruso is no exception.

It’s easy to idolize Sophia Amoruso. She’s the young, 30-something CEO of the tremendously successful, NastyGal: an online shop offering curated pieces that all have an unmistakable blend of  badass-femininity.

After Amoruso shared her success story with the world in the form of her book, #GirlBoss, she quickly added best-selling author to her resume. The business book gave women something to relate and aspire to around the world.

Could Amoruso be any more lovable? Yes. She’s also a dog lover. She’s the proud poodle-momma of sisters Cosi and Donna Summer and a little gent named Gino. These poodles are exactly the babes you’d expect Amoruso to have; they’re adorable and oh-so chic.

Dogs not only play an important role in Amoruso’s personal life, they’re also a part of her professional life. Her stylish L.A. office has an official policy: dogs under 25 lbs are more than welcome to come to work.

Amoruso is living proof that every good #GirlBoss has a strong (and cute) dog team behind her.

poodle roi

All photos credited to @SophiaAmoruso.

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