What do these pets reveal about their celebrity owners?

Exploring the similarities between famous faces and their felines & canines

By Stefanie Gibson

what do these pets reveal about their celebrity owners

Countless studies have suggested that the longer pets and their owners live together, the more they become alike. Can you really learn more about a person’s personality by looking at the way their pet behaves? We decided to look at four ladies at the top of their game and put this theory to the test.

Olivia Benson + Taylor Swift

Olivia Benson, one of Taylor Swift’s cats, reveals a few things about the songstress’ personality. Olivia is adventurous; private jets don’t scare her. But while adventures are great, it’s clear that at the end of the day, Olivia needs a bit of time lounging around time to recharge. Going by her pics, it looks as though Taylor shares these traits with Olivia.

Photo credits to @taylorswift on Instagram.

Finn + Amanda Seyfried

Finn Seyfried is one of the most popular celebrity pets. So what can we learn about Amanda through her dog-son? Finn, like a true dog, loves socializing. If there’s a party, he’s there and dressed festively. Speaking of dressing up, Finn is also the kind of dog that takes Halloween very seriously; he’s not going to be wearing a revealing bumble bee costume. Finn isn’t just a party boy. He likes to kick back and relax with some knitting. Does this sound anything like Amanda? You tell us.

Photo credits to @mingey on Instagram.

Aleister + Dita Von Teese

Aleister is one sassy guy. He insists on travelling in style; there won’t be any standard plastic cat carriers for him. He has a tremendous amount of confidence and although many may try to imitate him, he knows that there’s only one original Mr. Von Teese. With so much style and class, can you blame him? We wonder where he gets it from…

Photos credited to @ditavonteese and @aleistervonteese on Instagram.

Norman Jenner is Kylie’s sleek Italian Greyhound. Norman is one suave gent who isn’t afraid to share every moment of his decadent life on Instagram. From days spent lounging in the sun with friends, to evenings spent sporting elegant turtle necks (and showing off some pretty enviable bone structure), it doesn’t seem to matter what Norman is doing; he always looks flawless. Does this sound like anyone we know?

Photos credited to @normieandbambijenner and @kyliejenner on Instagram.