Founders & Furballs – Linda Rodin

Her poodle muse, Winks and the Olio Lusso beauty revolution

By Stefanie Gibson


Linda Rodin is a woman who knows how to get it done, her way.

Living proof that you’re never too old to make it happen, the model turned stylist became a skincare trendsetter at age 59. Her decadent skincare, Olio Lusso, set the standard for the beauty oil revolution that followed.

After using and loving natural oils, Rodin first concocted the 11-oil beauty miracle in a coffee mug in her bathroom. After it became a hit among Rodin’s friends (New York’s elite fashion and art society), her nephew convinced her to turn her experiment into a business. A hunt for the world’s greatest ingredients and one branding exercise later and Olio Lusso was born.

Over ten years later, the brand has continued to grow in popularity. With the recent additions of a cleanser and lipsticks, Rodin has proven herself as a real cosmetics powerhouse. Still, in keeping true to the core value of producing a product she loves, Rodin is involved in every batch of product created, ensuring her strict standard of quality.

Rodin, with her grey hair and striking natural beauty, is dripping in sheer elegance. It’s something she has in common with her poodle, Winks. With silvery hair, Winks is everything you’d expect Rodin to love. He’s perfectly coiffed in an effortless way and he has a distinct style that complements his owner to a tee. It’s clear that Winks has become an integral muse for Rodin; she’s even named a shade of her new lipstick after him!

Linda Rodin has shown us that dreams never come too big or too late, especially with a dog like Winks by your side.

All photos credited to @LindaandWinks and @rodinoliolusso on Instagram.