O So Tragically Hip! Canadiana Chic Style Finds

It’s all ‘ahh-boot’ Canada, eh?

 By Danielle Goreski


O Canada. We’ve got Drake and Bieber, poutine and beaver tails, Muskoka chairs and Roots. We’ve got a Prime Minister with really good hair, butter tarts, hockey and toques. Canada is where you understand that saying “sorry” is not always an apology but rather a politeness strategy (sorry but we can’t help it!).

It’s time to pack up the car and head to the water for some cottaging (which is indeed a Canadian term) for the long weekend. Nothing starts a weekend off right like parking yourself in a Muskoka chair with your sunnies on and enjoying a 2-4 (that’s Canadian for a case of beer) with family and friends.

In celebration of Canada Day, Get Leashed has uncovered a rise of cool Canadiana. So help us as we honor the Great White North the enactment of the Constitution Act of 1867, and let’s wish Canada a big Happy Birthday in style.