Celebrating Take Your Dog To Work Day with the Digital Marketing Agency

By The Get Leashed Doggy Style Team

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Studies have shown that having a dog-friendly office can hold many benefits for employees, including reducing stress and even improving productivity. We recently visited our friends at GALE where every day is open to dogs, employees work in a huge open space, and creativity flows as fluidly as their next level snack game. It came as no surprise that so many members of the GALE team were game to celebrate “Take Your Dog to Work Day” with us! From the friendly Bichon Frise at reception, to the majestic part wolf who joined in on the fun, get to know this awesome team and their group of diverse pups below.

Oh, and get your resume ready – this dream office is hiring!

Please tell us about what your company does, and what a typical day in the office is like.

GALE is a full-service digital marketing agency with offices in New York, Toronto, and Bangalore. Our clients include: McDonald’s, BMO, REI, SodaStream, MGM, Madison Square Gardens, and Earth’s Best.

Founded two years ago by a small group of digital industry veterans, GALE was built with a laser focus on hiring, growing, and mentoring great people. We’ve quickly grown into a team of over 150 people worldwide and we’re continuing to hire for a number of roles.

We work collaboratively in a fast-paced, fun, and flexible environment – no two days are the same. We have plenty of shared work spaces and tend to congregate in our kitchen around the delicious snacks that our Facilities Manager, Fauzya, makes for us. Office favorites include freshly baked cookies, charcuterie plates, and Brazilian cheese bread (“Pão de Queijo” as Fauzya calls it – we just call it life changing).

GALE Partners Toronto Office Dog Friendly

Please tell us a bit about your pets. What kinds of pets are allowed in the office, and who usually comes to work?

Roxy is our most frequent visitor; she’s a fluffy, white, 6-year-old Bichon Frise. She typically hangs out by the front desk and gets lots of attention from the team when she wanders through the office. Kobo, a rescue terrier mix pup (originally from Mexico) is also a frequent visitor at GALE. Kobo’s owner, Fatima, initially planned to foster Kobo from Save Our Scruff, but when she met her it was love at first sight, so she adopted Kobo soon after.

We encourage people to bring in their pets and have even hosted a reptile and exotic animal event in our space. We’ve welcomed everything from snakes to chinchillas. An office tortoise named “Shredder” has been in the works for a while but the logistics on that are still TBD. We recently moved from King West to a new office space in Liberty Village to accommodate our growth, and decorated our new spot with a spray painted tribute to this dream. Yep, we’ve got a 10-foot graffiti mural of a tortoise.

GALE had the pleasure of working with dogs outside of the office during a film shoot we did in the fall. We put together a parody video called “Reinventing The Hamburger Menu” about the iconic Hamburger Menu (those three horizontal lines you’ll see on a lot of websites and apps that serve as a navigational menu) where our agency “turned the concept on its head” by creating the Hot Dog Menu. We had about five dachshunds on set and one hound dog. Some even wore hot dog costumes.

How would you describe your office style and vibe?

Our office has a mellow and relaxed vibe. Our new space has tons of natural light and is bright and modern. We’ve seen a lot more desk plants cropping up since we made the move just over a month ago.

We enjoy hanging out as a group and you’ll often find us playing soccer, hanging out on a patio enjoying a few beers, or even dragon boating.

Has your office always been pet friendly? Is this important to the culture?

GALE has been pet-friendly since day one. Our office is filled with dog lovers so we’re always happy to see pets frequent the office. Our culture is built around our people, and we know that pets are important to our people.

There are also a number of people at GALE who are involved with animal charities in one way or another. Preet, one of our designers, just adopted an adorable kitten named Olive from an international animal rescue in Egypt, and a few people from our team have participated in the Toronto Zoo’s Oasis Zoo Run to raise money for animal conservation.

GALE partners Toronto office reception dog

How do you think being dog-friendly improves or adds to your company?

We think that being dog-friendly (and pet-friendly in general) helps our company for a number of reasons. Animals have an incredible ability to de-stress people just by being near them. They bring smiles to people’s faces, and that’s reason enough to welcome them into our space.

Animals bring people together. Whenever someone brings a dog into work, a bunch of us will get together and play with it. We’ll share pet stories and have a couple laughs. It’s a great way to get our team laughing together and learning more about each other.

On top of that, we understand that our people have vibrant lives outside of work and we think it’s important to thank the people and pets who give our team love and motivation. At our anniversary gala this year, our CEO Brad Simms raised a glass to toast our families and significant others that support us every day. Dogs are a part of that.

Finally, can you leave us with a funny story (or two) about one of your pets?

From Stacie: Magic’s best friend is a Great Dane. She has a phobia of carpeted stairs, and when she cries she sounds like a baby. Magic also knows upwards of 5 tricks including: high-ten, spin, and kiss.

From Fatima: Kobo is an independent, self-sufficient puppy who doesn’t necessarily need an owner. She knows how to open revolving doors by herself – by jumping up and pushing with her front paws. Although Kobo’s independent, she still loves to be around people. She’ll often jump up and hug people around their legs with her front paws so they won’t leave her.

From Bridget: Roxy is SUPER protective and seems to think she’s huge (rather than tiny and 10 lbs). If a stranger comes into Bridget’s house she’ll start barking and growling at the person until someone goes to the front door to make sure it’s okay.

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