Ariana Grande: Dangerous Woman & Ultimate Dog Mom

The songstress with the big voice and big heart for rescue dogs

By Stefanie Gibson

ariana grande dangerous woman and ultimate dog mom banner

Ariana Grande has eight dogs. That’s right, eight. By the time you’re done reading this she’ll likely have more.

Not only is she an incredibly talented singer but she’s an amazing dog mom and advocate. Her love for dogs has certainly won her “awesome points” with us at Get Leashed. Unlike other celebrities who look at the pedigree before the dog, Ariana has adopted many of her dogs from shelters and other sad-puppy circumstances. She also works hard to persuade her fans to do the same.

Cinnamon, Coco, Fawkes Kitty, Ophelia, Toulouse, Sirius, Strauss and, most recently, Lafayette all proudly call Ms. Grande mom. With everything from a pit bull to a Chihuahua-beagle cross, it’s clear that Ariana’s pack is a true reflection of her love of all dogs.

Who are these special dogs?



This adorable dachshund-German shepherd is the OG. As the first dog, she’s certainly had to learn a hard lesson in sharing.



While she claims there’s equal love for all of her dogs, Ariana has admitted that she has a special “soul connection” with Toulouse. Can you blame her? He is incredibly cute and the one most often featured in her Instagram snaps.

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