Summer Movie Pick – The Secret Life of Pets

When you’re away, the dogs and cats will play

By Sarah Fisher

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Sometimes, there’s really nothing better than an animated, feel-good movie to let us escape from the hustle and the grind of our busy, always tuned-in lives.

When we heard the creators of Despicable Me were taking a departure from Minions to tell a story about our favorite creatures, we were instantly intrigued. We’re talking of course about The Secret Life of Pets.

One of the perks of working for a pet owner lifestyle magazine is of course the pet-friendly office.

But, haven’t we all wondered at some point, what do our pets really do when we’re not around?

Here is where the story begins:


With stellar voice talent from the likes of Louis C.K., Lake Bell, Kevin Hart, and more, we’re ready to sit back and laugh, and perhaps look at our own pets differently following the showing.

So catch this flick in the comfort of an air conditioned theater, or wait to have an at home movie night – just in case your pets have a secret life of their own!

The Secret Life of Pets hits theaters this Friday, July 8th.

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Photos Courtesy of Illumination Entertainment & Universal Pictures.