Founders & Furballs – Emily Weiss

Living a Life of Beauty with Glossier & Her Cat Chloé

By Stefanie Gibson

Emily Weiss and her cat Chloe founders and furballs glossier

Emily Weiss, founder of beauty blog, Into the Gloss and cosmetics company, Glossier is the kind of founder the Founders & Furballs list was made for. She’s smart, successful and always chic. A woman who has dedicated her life to beauty, she’s certainly someone we love hearing more about.

This New Yorker’s polished sense of style was cultivated over many years in the fashion industry. After working for Teen Vogue and W magazine it’s no wonder that her personal ventures have the refined tone and visual appeal that they do. Into the Gloss was one of the first true glossy makeup blogs. Brought to life by Weiss’ credibly honest voice, it appealed to a market that was craving a sophisticated space dedicated to beauty. The wild success of the blog, brought about by a large, loyal fan base, paved the way for Weiss to translate her incredible approach to beauty reviews and advice into revolutionary products.

Weiss took her everyday-chic approach and went on to create her own cosmetics line, Glossier. The line is simple and simply put, it’s cool. In keeping the line small there’s a considered dedication that’s obvious in the quality of the skincare and makeup created; it’s a level of quality that isn’t often seen. The line fits comfortably into anyone’s makeup bag and personal style perfectly. With a brow product that had a wait-list 10,000 people long this spring it’s undoubted that this founder has her beauty game on track.

With a successful beauty blog and cosmetics line, how could life be anymore beautiful? Look no further than to Weiss’ stunning cat, Chloé, to bring the beauty up a notch. Chloé’s long, milky fur and bright blue eyes have surely made her one of the most beautiful New York kittys.  If you want to stay up-to-date on Chloé, we highly recommend following @emilywweiss on Instagram. It’s the best way to get the first peek of Chloé’s extravagant haircuts.

Together Emily and Chloé are living a fabulous New York life…and it’s beautiful.

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