5 Ways Our Pets Can Help Us Be More Body Positive

Tips From Our Fluffy Friends on How to Live Our Best Lives

By Ava Agata Gorecki

5 ways ours pets can help us be more body positive

It’s easy to be envious of our beloved animals, they seem to have their shih-t together, and endless amounts of confidence. They sleep when they’re tired, the eat when they wanna and they strut around with such sublime superiority that we just can’t compete. How can we get a little piece of that? Here are 5 ways our pets can help us be more body positive.

1. They Have No Qualms With Sitting On Your Lap

Some of us may shy away from sitting on our partner’s lap in fear we’re going to flatten them like a Polish pancake. We all love to sit on that femur bone throne, which also happens to be the strongest bone in the human body. If your companion has offered you their knee, you sit. Dogs have no reservations about hopping onto us and getting their cuddles in. Even if they don’t fit, they sit. Let’s take after our furry counterparts and embrace lounging on laps with chutzpah.

2. They Give Zero Barks

They drink from unidentified puddles, bathe in mud, and follow you everywhere, whether you want them to or not. Dogs give literally zero barks. Zero. Dogs really have zero barks to give. While as humans we have to maintain some composure we can still learn to mirror their carefree attitude and live our best lives. You wanna wear that crop top, or those short-shorts? Put your best cheek forward and rock it out. In times of doubt just repeat the mantra, What Would Fido Do? And do that! But we recommend not peeing on someone’s couch out of anger.

3. They Get Active With Other Dogs

“Sorry Sparky, I can’t take you to the park because the other dogs might think you’re too voluptuous to play with them.” Can you imagine saying that to your precious pooch? I didn’t think so, then why do we do this to ourselves?! Being active and learning new things are some of the best ways to elevate our moods and minds. Take that yoga class you’ve been wanting to try to perfect our favorite pose, the downward facing dog. Bottoms up!

4. They Chow Down Shame Free

Our pets are never ashamed to chow down on their kibble in public for fear of judgment. Not only will they eat in front of you, they’ll beg you for it or steal it right out of your hand when you’re not looking. If you’re feeling famished, eat! Your comfort and health is your first priority and that sandwich is only getting cold and soggy at the bottom of your bag. We don’t hot dog shame our furballs, so let’s not shame each other either.

5. They Love Without Restrictions

They have no insecurities and love with full hearts. They may be carrying some extra winter weight and fur, but they are still ready for you to smother them with attention and treats. The ability to love and be loved has no size, age, or breed restriction. You can still love others while working on loving yourself. So, wag your tail and smother your lover with big ol’ slobbery kisses. Be the person your dog thinks you are.


We always seem to be a work-in-progress, but as long as we’re moving forward, growing, and learning, let’s use these tips and tricks to make it a little easier.