The Stylish Sit and Stay

The Standard Collaborates with Found My Animal on An Exclusive Line of Pet Accessories

By Si Si Penaloza

The Standard Hotel Partners with Found My Animal

Traveling with your pet, much like falling in love with a new beau, looks like a ball but always seems to come with that irksome catch. Call it the fine print, the caveat. We’ve heard it all: your dog is too portly, you can’t leave her in the room, no dogs on the furniture. As if your Maltese cares about that last one. Muffin considers the ottoman a key strategic vantage point that must be secured at all costs. No use pretending to be dog-friendly; we doting owners can always tell if our pets are merely tolerated. If your dog is an avidly adored, full-fledged member of the family, a hotelier’s marketable definition of “dog-friendly” may not be up to snuff.

Enter the The Standard. This hotel just gets it, across the board, across all their properties. Pets always stay free at The Standard. The hotel group even donated all of 2015’s pet fees to the ASPCA, the legendary animal welfare organization that has sheltered and protected countless animals over its nearly 150-year history. Popping up in the coolest locales, The Standard Hotel boasts properties in West Hollywood, Downtown LA in the former Superior Oil Company Building, Miami Beach, the High Line in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan, and the East Village of New York city.

Honestly, it’s as if The Standard is a pet hotel that happens to allow human companions. Dogs are all about sniffing out new turf. As you stiff the toiletries and take stock of the minibar, your Doberman will be making an olfactory inspection of the new surroundings. Explore the sights and sounds of the city with your best friend then come home to The Standard and kick back in the mega-tub. If your dog is into heavy petting sessions they’ll get seriously loved up by The Standard staff to the point of near awkwardness.

The Standard knows dachshunds can be neurotic, and that Great Danes are just big-boned boxers. They wouldn’t dream of marginalizing pets. While holiday cottages, bed and breakfasts and farm retreats are increasingly being marketed as pet-friendly, many dog owners just want to kick back and not self-cater for once. Isn’t the very idea of holiday happiness perfected by having room service deliver breakfast in bed for you, your boyfriend and your bulldog?

For all the Airbnb treehouses in the forest some of us just can’t quit the allure of hotel pampering and service. We may love our dogs, but we crave a holiday that’s fun for us too. We socialize our dogs with aplomb, but we need our social kicks too. The cultural programming at The Standard has always been top notch-from the high concept of Wild Belle to New York jazz pianist Jon Davis. Those in the know develop a dog-like fidelity to The Standard, based on the genuine welcome their pups receive on the regular.

To show their genuine love for all things pooch The Standard recently teamed up with Found My Animal, maker of super chic, nautical-inspired doggy products, on a line of fetching accessories for your furry friend. The best part is 10% of proceeds go to animal rescue. Founded by animal loving friends, Bethany Obrecht and Anna Conway, Found My Animal is all about fabulously feel good splashes of color paired with bang-on functionality. The company saves animals while simultaneously decking your pet out in the fiercest canine accessories.

The exclusive collection to the hotel includes a handmade leash, collar, water bowl and pouch, all in the signature Standard red with custom solid brass tags, domestic waxed fabrics and heavy-duty thread. When purchasing their nautical-inspired leashes, collars, and bowls for your pet, not only are you spreading the message of #adoptdontshop, you’re donating to hundreds of shelters that support animal adoption and rescue. The collaboration is available at The Standard Shop, either online or on the spot at hotel locations.