Bark’N’Borrow: The Airbnb of Puppies

Find a pet-sitter, become a pet-sitter – everybody wins.

By Ava Agata Gorecki

Bark'N'Borrow: The Airbnb of Puppies

What a time to be alive! You can browse through an online catalog to find a soul mate, get lunch from a trendy food truck and capture a Squirtle while actively avoiding work. I have accomplished all three.

It seems like everything that can be done, has been done. Sound about right? Well, something amazing has happened, and it’s called Bark’N’Borrow!

Bark’N’Borrow connects dog-lovers and canine-companions to precious pups and their owners. The aim is to link-up those of us who are not lucky enough to have a pooch of our own with pet parents who need some help with giving their animals extra care when it is needed.

You can sign up as a borrower, a pet-sitter, or to find a willing caregiver ready to smother your pup with affection while you slave away for the man, or take that dream vacay to Japan.

Why become a borrower?

If you’re an animal lover but can’t find the time because, let’s face it, animals are basically hairy, needy little babies. This way you will be able to have your bone and eat it too. If you can only spare a few hours a week, that’s no problem! Bark’N’Borrow will place you with the best match to fit your schedule.

Or perhaps you want to take a test run before you take the leap into pet ownership. Or maybe you need a furball to be your wing man while trying to schmooze with your neighbor across the hall with the three-legged pug. Also, if you’re someone who spends their time basking in nature and exploring outside, a temporary quadrupedal side-kick could add to the fun.

Animal assisted therapy is proven to help ease stress and improve our social and emotional well-being. Or in layman’s terms, everybody needs a fuzzy cuddle buddy – even if it’s just a rental.

With your passion for puppies you are providing loads of help to owners and ensuring the dog gets all the love it deserves.

The best thing about this service is that borrowing and finding a sitter are FREE! It’s a mutual exchange program. The pet owner benefits from free care and you get to hang with some pretty cool bitches. Kenneling and dog-sitting can get pretty pricey, which makes Bark’N’Borrow the perfect solution for those trying to watch their loonies, toonies or George Washingtons.

Right now, Bar’N’Borrow operates mainly in the US with some partial service in Canada, with the bulk of their clientele located in major cities. However, with enough puppy-love they’ll be able to take on the world (soon)!

So if this sounds like the gig for you, download the app, create a profile and start networking for wet-nose nuzzles.