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The 100 Star and his Pugalier Sosa

By Leslie PhelanJarod Joseph The 100 Actor and his dog Sosa

Life as an actor: something a lot of people perceive as that slim-odds pipe dream that many have cherished at some point in their lives, if even just for a moment while swooning over their favorite screen stars. For others, though – they who possess that particular combination of drive, talent, mindset, and luck – this particular dream is a reality. A dream affording a growing resume of key roles and a jet-set lifestyle that includes being flown city to city and pad to pad, to wherever the day’s set happens to be, to stay until it’s wrapped and there’s a new project to fly out and dive into.

For Jarod Joseph, star of CW’s Emmy award-winning sci-fi show The 100, this is the game he was born to play, evidenced by the gratitude he expresses when speaking of his career, and the portable little fur ball that follows him everywhere. Get Leashed caught up with Jarod and Sosa at their Toronto digs just a few days after wrapping his guest role on TV’s Saving Hope, and a few days before hitting the skies from YYZ back to YVR with a fresh tatt to rep his favorite skyline.


Jarod with actress Erica Durance, Saving Hope

Please tell us a bit about your job, your favorite parts of it, and anything about your everyday routine that can give us a glimpse into who you are:

I’m an actor and fortunate enough to say that it’s how I make my living. The hours, as long as they may be, never feel like a job. Plus, the sporadic schedule gives me a lot of personal time, which was a huge plus in my decision to take on a pup. My cup runneth over.

Tell us your pet’s name, breed, why you decided to get him, and how he suits your lifestyle:

My guy’s name is Sosa and he’s a five-year-old pug-cavalier. He was two when I took him in. He was initially raised by my best friend David, who is a super busy, hard-working guy. Sosa would kind of lose it whenever I came by and David saw that so he asked me if I would watch him for a week while he was on vacation and I said sure.

By the time he came back I felt really connected with Sosa and we began chatting about the possibility of me taking him full-time. I had fallen in love with him and David was concerned Sosa wasn’t getting the right amount of attention a young dog needs. Acting allows for a pretty flexible schedule with plenty of free time, and also provides an environment where I can have him at work with me. I know it was a hard decision for my boy but we realized that my lifestyle is more conducive to giving Sosa the attention he craves. David still sees Sosa all the time and asks about him regularly.

What does your ideal weekend look like?

I don’t know when it happened but in recent years I’ve became a bona fide couch guy. I find great enjoyment in getting stuff done and then kicking back with some sports on TV. The times I do venture out to a venue or event are few and far between. This old man makes sure to maximize those few opportunities when they do happen.


Describe your personal style:

I was always a pretty eccentric dude when I was younger. Loud style, attention-seeking perhaps, I always composed an outfit as a sort of visual project. Now that I’m a bit older and more tired I’ve adopted a bit of a low key and minimal approach to style. I try and live within the realm of timelessness and rock things that will stand up 10, 20 years from now.

What inspires you?

Great question. I’m not sure if it’s external or even that I’m entirely aware of what gets me going but self-improvement is a never-ending thing for me. I honestly feel that I have the best friends and family in the world who show me ridiculous amounts of love and have never (not one of them) pumped the breaks on my ambition. They inspire me and give me my steam.

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

My job as an actor means I live a pretty transient lifestyle. My current home here in Toronto is a suite in a heritage building and I love it. I gravitate towards older, warmer homes more than I do that hollow, concrete-and-glass feel of many modern condos. Inside you’ll find a relatively minimal and classic natural vibe with some key components on display that represent my personality.

Finally, please leave us with a note that speaks to the bond you share with your pet:

This guy is the biggest goof you’ll ever meet. He’s a precious loaf of bread. I can’t give you one exact moment but I’ll tell you that lately I’ve been traveling quite a bit on trips he can’t come on and the anticipation of reuniting gives me such joy. He always gives me such a pure, loving embrace. The little guy has such an expressive and warm personality. Don’t know how I lucked out.

Catch Jarod on season 5 of Saving Hope, to air this fall, and on a new show, You Me Her, opposite Rachel Blanchard.

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Photography: Jackie Cooper