Such Wow! The Funniest Shiba Inus You Need To Follow Now

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By Sarah Fisher

Such Wow! The Funniest Shiba Inus Your Need To Follow

Well, it’s nearing the end of the week and we’re bringing you some hard-hitting journalism in typical Get Leashed fashion. Just kidding, we do that here but right now, we’re talking about Shibas. Why? Because Friday. That’s right, the impy, meme-able, mischievous, and too smart for their own good Japanese breed that has experienced viral fame. So whether you need a good laugh at this moment or a dose of cuteness, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s round ’em up.

Chiro and Choco

What’s better than one, white majestic Shiba? Why two, of course. Chiro and Chocolate are an adorable pair, typically seen play fighting or lounging around lovingly together. While we have no idea what the captions read, the photos and videos speak an international language of dogs waiting for food, dogs destroying things and a personal favorite, dogs vs. a garden rake (do yourself a favor and watch).

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Shiba Penelope

Tiny Penelope is still a puppy, so follow to watch her as she grows. Although young, she has already mastered the art of the street style shot, as she slays the streets of NYC in a pink collar and harness. She’s already made some puppy friends along the way. We expect big things from you, kid.

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Raiden the Shiba

The popularity of the Shiba stretches far and wide from its native Japan. We ventured through the interwebs to find Raiden, a resident of Norway. Prepare yourself for shots of Raiden effortlessly modeling atop snowy mountains, along crystal waters and lush greenery. Keep it up, Raiden.

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Yoko Kikuchi

It’s a family affair on Yoko’s account, and it really doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, or red. A yoga instructor and Shiba mom of four—Kikko, Sasha, Mom and Hina—her life is basically #goals, full stop. Four Shibas on the couch, four Shibas on a walk, four Shibas helping you in the kitchen, what more could you need!

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Kona Bear

Tiny Kona lives a life filled with adventure, cozy hoodies and snuggling with stuffed animals. As a California girl, there are many dog-friendly places she can tag along to with her owner. Kona has hit that prestigious 10k followers mark and shows no signs of slowing down.

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