Tracy Clark

The Body Regeneration Specialist & Cat Lover in Her Dreamy Home

By The Get Leashed Doggy Style Team

Tracy Clark energy regeneration specialist

‘Knowledge is power but action is creation’. This is a mantra that Tracy Clark, renowned Body Regeneration Specialist, uses to help her clients unlock limitations and live their happiest, healthiest lives. As a lifelong cat lover, Tracy’s handsome kitties, Cloud and Victor, can be found prowling around her home offices, helping clients, especially the youngest ones, to feel at ease. Having worked through her own health issues to live a more joyful and gracious life, Tracy has an adept approach to helping anyone channel energy into change. Read on as Tracy lets us in on the power of reprogramming your body to make room for the positive.

Please tell us about yourself, your profession, and what a typical work day is like:

I am the mother of two amazing daughters (Nina and Christina) and two incredible cats! They are and have been my amazing blessings throughout my life. I credit them for where I am today and for keeping me on my path to continue on this journey. I love life and people, and I never used to because my life was very different. I have found though my journey how to be really grateful and appreciative of all the small things. I have had a life of twists and turns to get me to where I am today, being in the joy of what life has to offer.

I am known as a Body Regeneration Specialist. Many ask, what does this mean? Your body tells a story and is made up of 70 percent water, so it retains a lot of information in your cell memory.  This is the easiest way to describe what I do; just think of your body as a computer. Your system runs programs that you were born with, from your DNA and genetic coding. You have trillions of cells and information running through your system. When something isn’t working in your life in the way that you desire, usually you have a glitch or a virus in your internal computer system, just like your laptop! When you unlock the root of where the glitch is and overwrite the program with something positive, things change from health, finances, relationships and work – the list goes on! Life, however, is about growth so when a new situation comes up you will find it is easier to handle, less stressful and will unfold in a gentle manner. Usually the body creates less and less issues so life truly becomes magical!

I do combine various teachings from spirituality, science, and ministry in my work.  All events that are happening in your life come from a vibrational energy inside your body. I do what I do now because like many I work with, I had a very ill body and life and had to restore it myself using the work I use today. Six years ago, I left twenty years of corporate work to do what I do now full time, and I have worked with thousands of people just like you changing their lives from the inside out. I love hearing the stories and feedback of the incredible miracles that show up in people’s lives daily. It is truly a gift to see so many blessings in the lives of so many. Your world is a reflection of you; change what is inside and change your world!

A typical work day for me starts around 6am. I usually sift through emails and the marketing team’s expectations as we prepare for new product launches. I then get ready for my individual clients and online groups which usually begin around 9am. I work from home either by phone or Skype and some people I will see in person. I teach multiple classes online in the evening about energy and understanding how to transform your body. I also host a YouTube spot called Reality Spirituality where I answer viewer questions about the spiritual world and energy. I love speaking engagements and lecturing and travel for both my business clients and events. There is a lot of misinformation out there about this field. I believe in having fun and making people laugh. No day is typical and I love that about what I do. Working with people around the world and seeing the change in their lives gives me the drive to continue to move forward each and every day.

Please tell us a bit about your cats. How did they come into your life? Is there a story behind the names or particular breeds?

Let’s just say we love Persians. Before we adopted Cloud we had a little girl Persian named Misty. She lived to be 21 and never saw a vet once. Their personalities are very, very laid back and they are super loving. When Misty was aging we decided to get another cat, and we always believe in adopting rather than a breeder, as there are so many cats in need of loving homes. This is how Victor came to our home. We went to the shelter and there he was, two months old crawling up the pant leg of a man just standing there. It should have been a sign because he was super crazy crawling up everyone and everything he could find. His original name was BooBoo but funny enough, that was the nickname of our old Persian so Victor it was. Now he is three and the most loving laid back cat ever. Cloud (or Claude as he was known) came to our home 2 years ago. He was also found at a shelter. Apparently a few families had come to see him and didn’t like him as he was hiding and scared. When we sat down he jumped up on our laps. They both think they are dogs, and beg for treats at exactly 6am and 9pm. We have a routine and when you come home they are both jumping up and down in the doorway waiting to greet you. You can spend hours petting them as they are snuggle hogs. Cloud has been deemed the cleanest cat our groomer has ever seen. He will spend five minutes in the litter box organizing it and wiping his paws making sure he’s all cleaned off. Victor and Cloud are best buddies.


How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is all about being versatile. I am not a fan of any one thing or trend. I like to try new things and switch up my looks. I used to be a black and white girl but now I love color! I mix and match pieces and love a great maxi dress! I am 1000 percent about comfort but not jogging clothes! I dress for how I feel that day. I love to have quality pieces that I can mix and match and simple things that can carry over from season to season.

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

My home is filled with love. It’s a place where you come in and want to put your feet up and relax. People say they come into my home and fall asleep because it is so calming and peaceful. It is filled with inspirational sayings and warm colors and furniture that you can sink into. My home is earthy and a little eclectic. I like solid wood and marble and a mix of textures to bring in Feng Shui elements for the work I do.

What does your ideal weekend look like?

I love to go for walks by the water. Getting up early is always a must for me as I find the mornings so peaceful. If I can find a market to hit in the summer, I’ll go to get fresh, fabulous food for the week.  I love to spend time on my hammock just unplugging from the day. Dinner with friends and great movies are always on the list as well. I usually take Sundays to unplug completely and regenerate. With the world so busy it is amazing to just take a day to be and to putter around. It is important to me to take time to regenerate and I am always open to new adventures.

What inspires you?

My clients and my children inspire me every day. Watching them transform and change their lives drives me to want to serve even more. They inspire me to be the best that I can be in the field I am in and as a woman. I have the most incredible girls, and to watch the caring they bring into the world and their understanding of others truly touches my heart. My clients and my girls inspire me to create every day of every month. I know making change in one’s life is not always easy as I have been there, and watching so many brave souls make that step is truly incredible!

Finally, can you leave us with a funny story about your pets?

Cloud loves to play – he is very adventurous. He has a game where he runs down the stairs and when he hits the fifth stair from the bottom he flies off, slides onto the rug, and into the door. He will play this game repeatedly with himself. He and Victor will also play together and will go and snuggle quite often. As soon as they see you looking at them they run away! At night they play fetch of course for treats! They are very, very adventurous and truly the most loving cats ever!

To learn more about Tracy, visit her website or Facebook page, Live an Extraordinary Life.