Evening DOGA

Stretching, Socializing, & Savasana with Your Dog

By The Get Leashed Events Team

Evening DOGA event

On Wednesday, August 3rd, a special group of Get Leashers and their dogs gathered to forget the stress of another busy workweek and bond together through DOGA.

You may have seen DOGA in action, read the benefits, and still be asking, ‘but how does it work’?

Our resident DOGA guide breaks down what a session is like, and why DOGA is fantastic to practice in a group or at home.


What can a first timer expect when coming to a DOGA session?

The DOGA experience is like no other bonding experience with your pup. I designed the class to be both a light yoga class for us humans in the room, with a strong focus on your fur baby. We practice meditation, energy work and specific massage techniques to benefit and prolong the vitality of your dog AND you!

How do dogs react to DOGA?

It’s amazing to see how rapidly the dogs respond when they are given this kind of attention and love. One would think that a room full of 50 humans and 50 dogs could be total chaos. And yet, in our DOGA class, both human and canine get to a peaceful, loving state. It has been such a blast creating this class for us to enjoy.

You incorporate music and singing into the practice. Why is this meaningful?

My spiritual journey began about 6 years ago, and I have been blessed with the gift of music and using my voice to heal. Every day my pup, my rescue kitties, my partner Jesse, and I receive the healing benefits of the frequency of the human voice. I tune in to my dog Soul each day and meditate with him by my side. He hears beautiful mantra and mediation music and receives lots of massages too.

How does a DOGA session take shape?

As I created the DOGA program, I brought together all the things I do at home with Soul, and the healing sound of my voice, along with some key elements of yoga asanas. For our second DOGA class I changed it up a bit. I meditated before coming, ditched my entire class plan from the last session, and asked to be guided for the highest and best good for the dogs and humans who were showing up! I turned on my intuition, trusted it and let it the magic happen. And that’s exactly what it felt like, beautiful, loving magic.


A special thank you to Alexandria, Purina PawsWay, Vita Coco and FARMACIA HEALTH BAR for treating our guests to a rejuvenating atmosphere, refreshments, and gift bags.

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Photography: Jackie Cooper