Olympic Fever: Athletes and Cat-thletes Take Over Summer

Why The Kitten Games May Just Be The Event To Watch

By Ava Agata Gorecki

Banner - Olympic Kitties2

Have you caught Olympic Fever (not to be mistaken with the Zika virus)? Do you stand in awe when you see those beautiful Olympic bodies do things that you can’t physically comprehend? I do Doga regularly and some days I struggle with bending down to pick up stray the popcorn that failed to get shoveled into my face the night before. Some of us just aren’t in any shape to join the historical Grecian competition filled with humans who remind us of the demi-Gods that Mount Olympus liked to pump out. I’m looking at you Hercules, aka Michael Phelps.

If all the controversy of this year’s Summer Olympics has got you down and you’re wallowing over your potato-like flexibility, we have an alternative: the Kitten Summer Games. This event is exactly as it sounds, with adoptable kittens participating in a round-up of our favorite Olympic sports.

The Kitten Summer Games, littered with its adorable “cat-thletes”, launched on The Hallmark Channel in 2014 with intentions to raise animal adoption and shelter awareness. Partnered with the North Shore Animal League America, the games were a smash and all 90 participating fluffers were adopted into forever homes.

These cat-thletes have no time for politics according to Mary Carillo, announcer for the prestigious event, who states that “nobody goes over the rule books with these athletes. They do whatever the hell they want. They are lawless and godless.”

Events include tennis, where stars, including Felina Williams and Pawdre Ag-Hissy, compete in some intense net handling and extreme tennis court napping. And my personal favorite? Boxing. Not the paw to the face kind, but the kittens laying around inside of boxes kind. Brilliant.

With the exposure of the Russian athletes’ doping scandal, extra eyes have been kept on the catnip use among our whiskered champions. Nevertheless, they compete with grace, agility and the desire to be the top-cat.

This pun filled counter programming parody of the nationalistic games tugs at our heart strings with kitty cat claws. If you missed the live action play by play, watch all the adorable highlights online.

Still interested in tuning in to catch the majesty that is human athletic competition? Some of my favorite human athletes competing in this year’s Summer games include: Shot put star Michelle (Meowchelle) Carter, Canadian Swimmer Penny (Purry) Oleksiak, and U.S Gymnast Aly (Aly-Cat) Raisman. And superhuman Phelps of course.

Good luck to all of the participating athletes world-wide who worked tirelessly to entertain the world with their dedication and drive. Whatever they place, they’ll come out with better results than Rio’s Mascot, Juma the Jaguar. And congratulations to the Kitten Summer Games, which has contributed to the adoption of 1000 cats through partner drives. It’s A New World indeed for our cat-thlete’s.