Introducing The Casper Dog Mattress

Because everyone deserves the perfect night’s sleep

By Erik Ryken

Introducing The Casper Dog Mattress

The sheer variety of dog mattresses on the market almost matches the overwhelming selection of mattresses for humans. So what’s available out there for the pet owner who wants to keep it clean and simple, yet lasting and comfortable for their dog?

Casper, a high-tech mattress company, has now introduced The Dog Mattress to their product line. It’s the fourth in their series of literally-named sleep products, after The Mattress, The Sheets, and The Pillow. Each of these products exhibits a simple, straightforward style with size as the only customizable option.

Their design of The Mattress (for humans) employed a simple philosophy – “one perfect mattress” – with an extensive research and development process. They developed 108 prototypes, logged 3,240 hours of testing, and worked with over 100 foam formulations to get their one model perfected. The results have paid off with design awards and positive reviews.

The Dog Mattress was engineered by the same team, who worked through studies, tests, and prototypes to get the doggy bed just right. Options are kept simple, with just three sizes and three colors to choose from: gray, blue, and sand. True to Casper’s minimal approach, the beds are designed to be universally comfortable for any breed, through any age.

It’s comforting to know that The Dog Mattress has been designed for pups and older dogs alike, with a memory foam filling, supportive edges, and a bonded microfibre cover. Young, razor-sharp teeth and tuckered-out legs are all accommodated. A few invisible details should keep both human and dog equally pleased. The designers have recognized that dogs perform digging behavior in search of cool resting ground before they lay down, so they added an extra material layer to the cushioning to accommodate this natural instinct. Cleaning is easy with a removable, machine-washable cover. Floors will be kept unscratched thanks to hidden metal zippers.

Scheduled to ship by September 6, The Dog Mattress will be available to order from Canada, the US, and Europe. If you’re in Los Angeles you’ll be able to have a look at the full product line in the Venice showroom. Better yet, in New York City you can check it out at the Casper Dog House along with a ball pit and smell museum. Your pooch might have even more fun than you at this pop-up, where they can enjoy non-alcoholic beer, hot dog-flavored water, and sundaes. They have even partnered with The Dodo and Animal Haven to make sure the Dog House stays full, with adoptable dogs playing inside.

At $125 ($150 CAD), including a 100 night trial with the option of a free return, this mattress could be the minimalist dog’s dream come true.

Pre-order yours here.