Look Who’s Coming To TIFF

Animal Lovers We’re Hoping To See At This Year’s Festival

By Stefanie Gibson

Animal Lovers We Hope to See at TIFF Celebrity Dog Owners

It’s almost that time of year; Hollywood’s best will soon descend on T.O. While it isn’t yet confirmed which stars will grace the red carpets to support their TIFF films, the list of potentials this year is impressive. With everyone from Natalie Portman to the Rolling Stones hinting at appearances, the possibilities for celebrity sightings in the 6ix seem endless. While Oscar winners and rock stars are cool, we’re particularly excited about getting the chance to meet our favorite kind of celeb: the animal lovers. Here’s our list of the animal admirers we’re hoping to see at TIFF this year.

Lupita Nyong’o

If Lupita is at TIFF this year for her role in Queen of Katwe, she’s sure to reign as best dressed. It’s easy to love Lupita for her epic levels of couture glamour and talent on the big screen, but there’s so much more to like about Lupita. She’s contributed tremendously to supporting @WildAid in their fight for elephant rights.


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Dakota Fanning

Dakota may be around this year for the screening of American Pastoral, a film in which she plays a young anti-Vietnam War activist. If she does come, we’re hoping she brings her fluffy white pup, Lewellen, with her.


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Justin Timberlake

That’s right, J.T. is a TIFF possibility this year. Yes, it’s a long shot but it’s possible that he’ll show up to support the documentary JT and The Tennessee Kids which takes us behind the scenes with J.T.’s band and dancers. If he does visit, we’re happy to help him pick out some souvenirs to bring home to his lovely pit bull, Tina.

justin timberlake dog

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Ewan Mcgregor

Directing and co-starring in American Pastoral with Jennifer Connelly and Dakota Fanning may bring Ewan to Toronto this year. Like several of the celebs on this list, we’re so impressed by Ewan not only because of his professional talent, but because of his commitment to animal and environmental activism.


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Kate Hudson

This year, Kate Hudson may attend the screening of Deepwater Horizon, a real-life disaster drama. While we’d hate to take her away from her fur babies, Walter and Cody, we’ll be pretty excited to see her grace the red carpet here.

kate hudson dogs

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Lily-Rose Depp

Move over Johnny, Lily-Rose is (possibly) coming to town. Depp’s daughter, Lily-Rose, has jump-started a promising modeling and acting career. This year Lily-Rose stars beside Natalie Portman in Planetarium. We’ll be following her and her ridiculously cute dog, Peach, on Instagram to be the first to know.

lilly rose depp dog

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Anne Heche

Anne Heche will be duking it out with Sandra Oh in her TIFF film Catfight. With a cat like Mr. King George, we’re guessing she didn’t need to look too far from home for inspiration for her role.

anne heche cat

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Blake Lively

Another longshot, we’re optimistic that Blake Lively will be heading to TIFF for the screening of All I See is You. If she does, it means she might be taking a break from being a mom to her new baby daughter and adorable fur baby.

blake lively dog

Photos: @BlakeLively

Ryan Gosling

This year La La Land could bring Ryan to TIFF. While this musical comedy set in Hollywood sounds quite interesting, we’re hopeful Ryan will bring his dog, George, along too.

ryan gosling dog

Photo: NBC / Via youtube.com

Leonardo DiCaprio

Now that he’s promoting his climate change documentary, The Turning Point, Leo might just be gracing the TIFF red carpets. The doc is a testament to everything that’s so right about Leo. His unwavering commitment to habitat and ecosystem preservation is why we applaud him as a great champion for animal rights.

leonardo dicaprio

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