Life of Vi – Queen For A Day

Violet Celebrates National Dog Day

By Rachel Simpson

Life of vi national dog day

August 26th is National Dog Day – and why not? There seems to be a day for everything nowadays, and few of those things are as precious to us as our beloved canines. So we take National Dog Day seriously in our home. And our little dog deserves it, especially since getting bumped down the hierarchy by her new baby brother. That’s why we pampered Violet on the day dedicated to her and her fellow dogs by making her Queen for a day.


The perfect start to Violet’s day began in our bed, where she buried herself under the blankets and monopolized the pillows, snoring dog breath into our faces. Not great for the humans in the bed, admittedly, but then the day wasn’t about us. There’s no place she’d rather sleep, even when her brother comes into the bed demanding to watch Elmo, and so that’s where she woke up when she was Queen for a day.


Crown Jewels:

You want to look your best on the day dedicated to you, right? Well, Violet is no different. So on her special day, she looked the part in a tiara and necklace. It was a real head-turner as you can imagine. But who doesn’t gawk at royalty?


Human Chariot:

National Dog Day was brutally hot, and knowing that, we took Violet out for a walk early, before the humidity and sizzling concrete became unbearable. But the sun wouldn’t be denied, and Violet had to stop and rest repeatedly. But should a queen labor in the heat? Obviously not. So we carried her, providing a (royal) human chariot for the final stretch of our walk.


Royal Treatment:

How sad is it that Old Mother Hubbard couldn’t give her poor dog a bone? Violet fared much better on National Dog Day. Normally, we don’t give her rawhide bones because of the mess. But this day wasn’t about us, or our rug. She was considerate enough to stay on her throw rug. Sweet little Miss Manners.


Her Majesty’s Feast:

Eat from a bowl on the floor while her little brother hovers around trying to play in her water bowl? Not a chance, not when she was Queen for a day. For her first meal, Violet had an elegant table set for her. There was nothing extravagant on the menu, of course, because we love her too much to subject her to a tummy ache. But the service was top notch.


Turn Down Service:

For Violet’s nap, we had to let her sleep in our bed. And since it’s technically National Dog Day until midnight, and Violet goes to bed around 11pm, she will get another chance. Giving her this rare treat, however uncomfortable, is hardly a sacrifice considering how much Violet enriches our lives. She didn’t sleep in the tiara, in case you were wondering.