#InstaPet: The 5 types of Instagram Pet Parents

Which account do you and your pup fall under?

By Ava Agata Gorecki

Instapet the 5 types of instagram pet parents

You are a proud new pet parent to a super cute bundle of fur and you’re obsessed with them. So what’s the first thing you do? Create an Instagram account with which to share your adorable new fluffy star with the world of course! If you’re not famous on Instagram, you’re nobody.

As I was doing my morning ritual social media scroll, I noticed a few common trends in the feeds dedicated to people’s pooches. Which of these five InstaPet categories do you fall into?

The Traveling Pet

You were pretty adventurous this year. You did wander into unchartered territory searching for Pokemon. But well traveled? Far from it. You’re lucky if you make it out of bed by 10am to catch a flight. Meanwhile these voyaging hounds have photos in front of the Eiffel Tower and Machu Picchu. They’re only a few years old and already their passport is filling up faster than yours ever could. They’ve paddle-boarded in Hawaii, hit the slopes in the Rockies and sailed oceans you have yet to dip your big toe into. Just call ’em Barko Polo. #BarkoPolo


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The Pampered Pet

Nails did, hair did, errthing did. This pooch has a better maintenance routine than you and your often missed quarterly shave. Their doggy accessories are the finest Holt Renfrew, and their purified water filtration system is top shelf. And dry dog food from a bag? You’re delusional. They have the tastiest specialty mix of meat you could ever craft. If you’re not so camera-friendly and couldn’t make it as an Insta model, you can live vicariously through FeFe. Her beauty is your beauty. Go on, give her everything you never had. #Blessed

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The Pet Trying To Make It As A Meme

You’ve seen this one: the Instagram pet parent who is clearly tryin’ to make a viral. They say puns are the lowest form of comedy, but if you don’t think “I didn’t choose the pug life, the pug life chose me” is gangbusters then I have a bone to pick with you. They’re the type that take pics of their pets giving the side-eye with the caption “When Bae Acting Up.” What type of catch-phrase hijinks will they get into next? #AlmostFamous

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When bae is mad at u so u gotta act extra cute

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The Dog Who Does The Human Things

This dog is in people clothes doing people things, fake drinking people coffee, reading books and wearing people glasses. An inspiration to us all! Their wardrobe is much more substantial and coordinated than anything you own, and you can bet he makes regular visits to the doctor. This dog seems to have his life together and looks like it can “adult” better than you ever could. You will probably begin to wonder what went wrong with you. This pooch’s full-time job is being cute. I wonder if that comes with full dental? #Sh*tTogether


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The Pet Only A Mother Could Love

We’re not sure if it’s your amateur camera skills but you just can’t seem to capture your pup’s good side. That’s probably because she doesn’t have one. Sure, they’re “cute,” but not particularly unique enough to stand out of the mix, and yet not ugly enough to come full circle back to cute again (see every Chihuahua ever). They call it pug ugly for a reason. We’re sure they have a really great personality, but to be safe make sure they do well in obedience school. #PugUgly

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We really love seeing all the photos of your beloved pets on Instagram, so keep them coming. Strike a pose!

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