21 Times Animals Ruled At Burning Man 2016

A roundup of our favorite creatures and creations from Black Rock Desert.

By Emily Mathieu

Every year, over 65,000 free spirits trek to the Nevada desert. They gather to take part in the annual Burning Man Festival, a temporary community erected in the Black Rock Desert. Burning Man brings people from all walks of life together to celebrate this unique arts & music festival.

While animals aren’t allowed, that sure doesn’t stop Burners from putting on their best animal-inspired costumes and enjoying the festival! Check out some our faves below.


@budnikbudnik bats

Unique costumes are always welcome! Check out these bat costumes, not to get confused with cats. #wearebats #notcats

2) @vongutenberg_magazine

@vongutenberg_magazine Pink Flamingo Float

You’ll spot tons of fun art exhibits at Burning Man, including this animal-inspired flamingo float. “The Pink Flamingo”

3) @kunnahaan

@kunnahaan unicorn

Real or fictional, all animals are welcome! Unicorns included

4) @luclechelle

@luclechelle tiger bicycle

What better way to get around, all while standing out, on this fun tiger-inspired bike.

5) @mariapilarmartinez

@mariapilarmartinez rabbit float

Another fun exhibit! This rabbit-inspired float is the talk of the town.

6) @easyco

@easyco whale statue

At Burning Man you’ll find great statues everywhere, including this large whale exhibit.

7) @reesetea

@reesetea dog hat

Pets aren’t allowed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t channel your inner dog.

8) @niketaben

@niketaben bear statue

Who knew there were bears in the desert! Black Rock City is full of surprises.

9) @shalaco

@shalaco burning man set up

Although pets aren’t allowed at the actual festival, they always play a huge part in the early-stages and building Black Rock City.

10) @cthelamb

@cthelamb mouse ears

It’s always a party with this mickey mouse inspired costume!

11) @electricfoxtail

@electricfoxtail cat car

Normal cars are so boring! Spice it up like these guys did with this decorated vehicle

12) @houstonphillip

@houstonphillip rabbit head

Burning Man requires a lot of prep! Remember to stay organized, pack what you need and don’t forget your rabbit head!

13) @burningmanfestival

@burningmanfestival bumblebees on stilts

Another fan favorite! Bumblebees on stilts are sure to get some well deserved attention.

14) @onewayofliving

@onewayofliving panda car

Another fun and unique way to get around at Burning Man! #pandacar

15) @4AM

@4am bunny onesie

Hop around Black Rock City with this fun bunny onesie!

16) @melaniemasarin “Gone burnin” #burningman2016

@melaniemasarin rabbit bike

Cruise around the festival and show off your favorite animal with this cute cat costume!

17) @meyersdesigns

@meyersdesigns wings

Light up the night with some fun and bright wings!

18) @tphilp2

@tphilp2 cat

So many cats so little time! The cat costume is definitely a fan favorite.

19) @nick_olasss

@nick_olasss zebra

Another convenient and unique way to get around! Just hop on your zebra!

20) @bellablase 

@bellablase butterfly

Flap your wings on the playa! This backpack is both simple and super cute!

21) @jacquievalanciunas

@jacquievalanciunas tigers

Make sure you coordinate your outfit with your ears! This tiger print-inspired duo has it down pat.

Burn on.