Spotted: In The Village

Dogspotting on Toronto’s Church Street


Spotted by Get Leashed Streetstyle Church St Toronto

In Toronto, we have many things to be proud of, from our consistent rankings as one of the best cities to live in, being home to one of the coolest neighborhoods on earth according to VOGUE, and also, hosting one of the largest pride festivals in the entire world.

Another great thing about The Six? Our abundance of stylish dog owners. We took a stroll through one of of favorite neighborhoods, the Church & Wellesley Village, to snap some shots. As it turns out, the dog breeds are as diverse as their owners in this vibrant neighborhood. While our patio laws aren’t as progressive as LA or New York just yet, Toronto is home to many amazing dog-friendly parks and hangouts. Just look at these fluffy faces – it’s great to be a dog in The Village!