The Pug Life Chose Me

5 Pugs you need in your Instagram feed

By Leslie Phelan

The Pug Life Chose me 5 pugs to follow on Instagram

Pug love is more than an affinity – it’s a full-blown lifestyle and a joyous raison d’etre. Pug lovers can’t get enough of their pugs (or any pugs, really) and through their obsessions (and their camera lenses) we all get to enjoy a sweet taste of what the pug life is all about.

As the furry snub-nosed squad are generally even-tempered and agreeable lapdogs who love to please and even more, to entertain, they are a natural pet choice for the creative Intagrammer  in search of a portable little muse. Behold – the top five pugs brightening up our photo feeds:

  1. Helmut the Pug (@HelmutThePug)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you’ve definitely heard about the four-legged talent behind the 1-800-PUGLINE-BLING video-gone-viral, in which one adorable little furball spoofs fellow Torontonian, Drake:

That’s Helmut the Pug in all his blingin’ glory. Named for his photographer mom Christie Vuong’s snap-happy hero, Helmut Newton, this little star-on-the-rise has already found an audience on popular sites UniLad, Buzzfeed, Mashable, and Canada AM, and his exploits have been shared across the world, proving the universal appeal of pug shenanigans.

Since then, Helmut has enjoyed life in the limelight, getting recognized all the time while out with his mom in Toronto not just for the famous video, but as the handsome little beast who’s modeled for Chatelaine magazine and The Marilyn Denis Show. Not to mention, he’s the star talent in the Helmut & Hotties calendar he posed for when he was six months old, that went on to raise thousands of dollars for pug rescue though online sales to fans from Melbourne to Moscow.

Catch Helmut at the next Toronto Pug Grumble meet-up, and if you enjoy a side of sexy shirt-less men with your pug pics, be sure to look out for his 2017 calendar, coming soon!

  1. Silly Mr. Eddie (@SillyTalksWithEddie)

This all-black pug hails from Miami, Florida, and possesses a pair of the googliest pug eyes ever discovered in all the southern States. To gaze into his dark and beautifully wide-set eyes is to feel him peering back straight into your soul… and simultaneously into the soul of the person standing five feet to your right. Mr. Eddie is a marvel of fine breeding.

Extremely photogenic and a total ham for his mom, Breeanna’s camera Eddie is a master of expressions, able to pull off any look from extreme surprise to dandy debonair to Blue Steel, at the drop of a French fry. Long walks, graffiti alley adventures, epic Miami sunsets, squeezing between the people he loves, and dressing up in every kind of look from goofy to gangster are among Eddie’s favorite things to do. He is a featured pup in the Dogs on Instagram book, and can rock a cone collar so stylishly, he’ll put anyone’s lampshade to shame.

  1. Doug the Pug (@ItsDougThePug)

This little fawn creature boasts over 2 million followers on Instagram and more than 3 million friends on Facebook. His merch store boasts a whole line of tees and outerwear, along with gifts like mugs and phone cases that all bear his beautiful likeness.

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, where he lives with his mom, Leslie Mosier, Doug seems to be far and beyond the most famous pug in the world right now, regularly recreating scenes from our favorite movies and TV shows with his pug crew. On top of that, he sports all of his outfits in his photo shoots with so much style, you’d swear the guy dressed himself. Having made appearances in The Huffington Post, TIME magazine, Mashable, Buzzfeed, Good Morning America and many more, Doug is a pug pop-culture presence that could make even the most hardened pet-account hater squeal with glee, and the most well-connected scenester envious of his A-list connections.

  1. Homer Pugalicious (@HomerPugalicious)

For this pug, life is just one big, delicious all-you-can-eat buffet. A foodie from Perth, Australia, with a penchant for total gluttony, Homer began his life as a stud pug for a breeder, but after an eye injury, went up for adoption and found his forever home with his shutterbug parents, who helped him to open up and not be so shy. That is how he got to be the pug star he is today, cheering up his thousands of followers daily with snaps of him indulging in all of his fave foods, like cupcakes, fries, hamburgers, and all manner of chips.

Homer can be seen in his account wearing outfits that range from the dapper to the ridiculous, frequently dressing up as his fave Star Wars characters and sometimes rocking those joke baby pacifiers that make him famous.

Get the Pugalicious book here.

  1. Igor Pug Dog (@IgorPugDog)

This little nugget Igor (pronounced Eye-gore like the character in the Young Frankenstein film) is so much more than the photogenic face you see in his photos – this guy is a pug who gives back.

After having excelled in his puppy training program, Igor became the #1 obedience pug in Canada and at the tender age of one, became certified as a St. John Ambulance therapy dog in his hometown of London, Ontario. Since then, with the help of his parents, Sean and Tracey Silverthorn, Igor has visited over 500 schools, hospitals, and palliative care hospices, and has raised over $14,000 for Pugalug Pug Rescue through sales of his calendars and with the help of his social media friends and fans. Known far and wide as the TimBit-lovin’ pug, Igor is regularly treated to Tim Hortons gift cards in his fan mail.

An accomplished thespian as well as a model, Igor won the role of playing Gordon Pinsent’s pug “King Henry” in the soon to be award-winning short film Life Doesn’t Frighten Me, as well as roles in Murdoch Mysteries and a slew of other shows and films.

Check out this little star’s growing resume on IMDB.