Emily MacCulloch

The Beauty & Fashion Editor with her Frenchie Gertrude

By The Get Leashed Doggy Style Team

emily macculloch and gertrude the frenchie

When people tell us we have a dream job, in that we get to meet dogs and dog owners as a key part of our workday, they’re not wrong. Someone else working their dream job is Emily MacCulloch, a self-described beauty fanatic currently with Glow magazine. With Emily’s eye for editorial, it’s no surprise her Frenchie, Gertrude (Gertie or Gert for short), is an absolute ham for the camera. While Emily and Gert are both Toronto gals now, they hail from the Maritimes, where they returned recently for Emily’s summer wedding – see Gert’s insta for her role in the festivities. Read on as we get to know these two glamorous gals who are clearly living their best lives.

Please tell us about yourself, your profession, and what a typical work day is like:

I’m the assistant beauty & fashion editor at Glow magazine. I’ve always been a beauty fanatic (seriously, when I was about 12 I fell hard for all things hair and makeup related) and immediately pursued my passion by going to makeup school after I graduated from university. After working as a makeup artist in the biz for a few years I eventually got into writing and doing editorial work and I knew I had found my dream job. I’ve been at Glow for two years now and one of the reasons why I love my job (there are many) is that every day is different. I could spend the day writing a story, event hopping, checking out the latest and greatest in beauty, filming a video for our website glow.ca or all of the above (and more).


Please tell us a bit about Gertrude. How did she come into your life? Is there a story behind the name or particular breed?

Gertrude is a brindle French bulldog. She’s four years old and a total ham. We got her from a breeder in New Brunswick when we were living in Halifax. She was the last one left in her litter and when we met her it was love at first sight. We always wanted a bulldog and originally we thought we would get an English bulldog but after some research we learned that a Frenchie might be a better fit for us. We always loved the named Gertrude and it was perfect for her. She just looks like a Gertie!

How would you describe your personal style?

That’s a tough one as my style varies from day to day. Usually I’m pretty minimal and gravitate towards neutral colors and modern, clean silhouettes, but some days I like to spice it up and wear something a bit more wacky, like a vintage sequinned sweater or a retro ’70s-style jumpsuit complete with bold print. I always like to switch up my makeup as well—there isn’t any beauty look I won’t try at least once.

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

Our apartment is small but cozy. My husband works in design and has very specific taste so we’ve filled our place with vintage and contemporary finds. Our apartment houses quality pieces that will last a lifetime, but a lot of the items in our place have personal meaning attached to them as well. We often spend most of our weekends combing through furniture stores or flea markets to find unique furniture or accents.


What does your ideal weekend look like?

A perfect weekend would involve a walk in one of our favorite parks such as High Park or Bellwoods and then some shopping and window shopping on Roncesvalles and Queen West. Gertie is an A+ shopper and loves mingling with everyone in the streets and stores (and sampling any treats behind their counters). Anytime I can spend a full day just hanging with my little fam is a good one in my books. If we are talking about a full weekend my absolute favorite place to be is my parents’ cottage in Chester, Nova Scotia, where I can just take it easy and Gert can roam around freely and go for a dip in the Atlantic if the fancy strikes her.

What inspires you?

I find inspiration everywhere! I’m constantly reading the latest glossy mags, researching what’s happening on the runways, visiting the latest art exhibitions, keeping tabs on my favorite makeup artists, the list goes on. I’m lucky enough to do a fair amount of travelling and you can’t help but get inspired when visiting new places and meeting new people.

Finally, can you leave us with a funny story about Gertie?

It’s hard to choose just one! She goes to a doggy daycare and every year they host a Halloween costume contest. And this isn’t just your average contest, people take it very seriously, making handmade, intricately detailed outfits. Since taking her there we have crafted up some pretty insane costumes such as a piñata, a pistachio macaron and last year she was a pineapple. Her biggest and best year was her inaugural Halloween when we whipped up a toaster outfit for her, complete with toast. My brother lives in Vancouver and shortly after Halloween an email was circulating at his work of a dog dressed as a toaster and it was Gert! It didn’t go viral by any means but it was comical nonetheless. She is not too jazzed on wearing them but we only keep her in them for a few minutes to get a good photo op. Her costumes have become a bit legendary there. We are currently brainstorming what she’ll be for this year’s festivities, stay tuned!

You can follow Gert on Instagram @gertrudegram and Emily @emacculloch.