Name That Pet: Pet Names Inspired by Famous TIFF Attendees

8 Name Ideas For An A-list Animal

By Ava Agata Gorecki

name that pet - pet names inspired by tiff attendees

Every September, the Toronto International Film Festival sees Hollywood’s A-listers descend on Hollywood North to grace us with their presence, as well as their latest must-see films. If you’re a movie buff with a new bundle of fluff that needs a name, why not pay homage to the yearly glam-fest that is TIFF and consider one of these celeb-inspired monikers?

Meowthew McCuddlehey:

If you have a dog or cat that looks like they have a serious lifting routine, you may want to consider naming them after one of the most sculpted men in showbiz, Matthew McConaughey. Matthew is bringing his well-known voice to TIFF 2016 in the animated movie Sing. This delightful name will have you saying “alright, alright, alright.”


TomCat Hissleston:

One of this year’s favorite fellas (and TIFF 2015 attendee), Tom Hiddleston (he of the well-chiseled jawline), is certainly worthy of the honor — so why not throw him a bone? Tom, who is best known for his fan favorite portrayal of Marvel’s Loki, can be a name inspiration for the trickster cat who really loves knocking your glass of water off the table, and regularly burglarizing your sock drawer. Keep an eye out for this sly kitty.


Shia LaWoeuf:

If your pet exhibits bizarre behavior such as staring in the mirror for extended periods of time or wearing a bag over his head, it would be wise to give him this quirky name. The human Shia will be bringing his movie American Way to the 2016 TIFF table (along with some eccentric shenanigans, no doubt). Keep your pooch sophisticated by using the French spelling.

Shia LaWoeuf

Purina Dunham:

This name is reserved for a #GirlBoss pet who has learned a thing or two from 2015 TIFF favorite, Lena Dunham. Not only does Purina sound like a badass warrior name, it’s also one that implies no nonsense. It is a name more suited for a sassy, shame-free cat, but we can’t exclude the dog who doesn’t give a damn. If your cat is a little annoying, and sometimes problematic but ultimately fabulous, Purina is a name to consider.


This year’s star studded festivities kick off September 8 and run until September 16.

We’re also keeping an eye out for Bark Wahlberg, Emma Bone, Nicole Kittyman and Pawscar Isaac.

Which stars are on your TIFF radar?