Our Favorite Victoria’s Secret Models & Their Pets

All Dogs Go to Heaven with These Angel Owners

By Stefanie Gibson

victoria secret models and their pets

Models and their pets: a combo that always piques our interest. And when those models are among the most glamorous in the world — the Victoria’s Secret Angels — we’re even more into it. Just when you thought these gals couldn’t get any more perfect, they add an adorable fluffy companion to their family. Here are some of our favorite angels and their little angels.

victoria's secret angels and their dogs

Martha Hunt

Like a few other famous VS beauties, Marth is in T. Swift’s squad. Like Taylor, Martha is a clear animal lover. We have to say, though, Martha takes the prize for Angel with the cutest pet. Her dog, Bear, is one of those hilariously cute dogs that you just can’t get enough of.

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

One of the veteran models, Rosie has been an Angel since 2010. Rosie has two adorable miniature dachshunds, which she lovingly refers to as her “little mice” on her Instagram. She often shares snaps of these two little cuties looking just as chic as mom.

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Heidi Klum

OG, Heidi Klum, is likely the model many of the ladies on this list aspire to be. At 13 years sporting the wings, Klum is one of the longest walking Angels out there. Today, she’s busy running businesses and posing for selfies with her adorable dog, Freddy.

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Adrianna Lima

Another iconic angel, Adrianna Lima, makes our list. The Brazilian beauty is undoubtedly a dog lover. When tragedy struck a few years ago and her dog Ivy was lost, she put in tremendous efforts to get her back. We’re happy to see she was able to overcome the loss and has a full family again with Daisy and Minnie.

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Alessandra Ambrosio

Over ten years ago in 2004, dog lover Alessandra was chosen as Victoria’s Secret PINK’s first ever spokes model. This Brazilian babe has also walked down the famous fashion show’s runway in the coveted Dream Fantasy Bra, worth over 2.5 million dollars. Now a mom to two human babies and one fur baby, an adorable white Maltese, we love seeing snaps of this photogenic family.

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