Goat Yoga: One Woman’s Search For The Truth

Could GOGA Really Be The New DOGA?

By Ava Agata Gorecki

Goat Yoga: One Woman's Search For The Truth

The latest sensation that is sweeping the nation is Goat Yoga. Just as it sounds, you do your daily downward-facing dog among happy, playful goats. This piece of paradise was founded by Lainey Morse, owner of No Regrets Farm in Albany, Oregon.

As Morse was diagnosed with a chronic disease and after going through a recent divorce, she found solace in her goats stating,

“Do you know how hard it is to be sad and depressed when there are baby goats jumping around?”

I can only imagine.

Since Oregon hosts the capital of weird, Portland, it is to no surprise that this quirky calisthenic took off by storm. Now Lainey has a waiting list to spread the goat joy; goats are so hot right now. (Bonus hipster points if you pull up to Goat Yoga with your tiny house in tow)

As animal therapy is proven to yield favorable psychological results, combining it with the peaceful practice of yoga seems legit to me, so I decided to give it a go.


I infiltrated Big Meadow Lodge to get flexible with some horned, tin-can crunchers. I assembled my squad which incorporated 3 goats and the inclusion of 2 sheep, which I added to the mix because the more snugglier the experience the better.

The first rule of Goat Yoga is to know where to strategically place your hands to avoid any meadow Milk Duds. But I like to think of their poo not as a stinky, squishy annoyance that they liberally spread everywhere, but as brown pearls of folksy fun.

The only real danger was when one particularly large-horned goat had crept under me during the downward dog and pushed his weaponry up, ripping a hole in my favorite unicorn top, which burst my bubble of magic. They also got all up in my business, and ate everything in sight, including the attempted consumption of said unicorn top.


The whole thing was adorable, entertaining and definitely had me in a gleeful state of bliss. As far as actually getting the exercise portion complete, however, no chance. Why? Well, because it’s not every day I have the luxury of hanging out with some pretty cool kids who were being disruptive and enchanting jerks.

After completing a yoga session with my fellow spirit animals (I am a Capricorn), I feel as if now I am would be able to scale a cliff face or demolish a tin-can in one sitting. Overall, a great success.


Yoga with animals isn’t a new concept for us here at Get Leashed. If you haven’t yet checked out Get Leashed DOGA, you should. There’s an upcoming session this Wednesday at Park9. It may be more accessible to you than tracking down a squad of goats, but we don’t know your life.

Are you adventurous enough to get centered with goats?