Life Of Vi – The September Issue

Violet hits the streets in the latest trends from the Fall 2016 runways

By Rachel Simpson


They say clothes make the man, but when it comes to dogs, with few exceptions, pups sport clothes as mere adornment. But a life lived only in accordance with necessity? Where’s the fun in that? If you like fashion, if being on trend is something that matters to you and you’re looking for what to wear this fall, Violet has you covered.

Statement Fur:

Real or faux, fur was everywhere this season. Especially in bold hues and graphic prints. You might think that a dog wearing fur to the dog park is akin to bringing sand to the beach, but not all beaches are created equal and not all fur makes a statement. And no, Violet isn’t wearing real fur—what do you take her for, some kind of animal?


The 90s:

For better or worse, fashion always repeats itself. Flannel plaid and chokers are currently enjoying a renaissance. Violet appreciates the return to style of garments you can get grungy in, as staying clean has never been a priority of hers. As for the choker? It’s poorly named, for sure, and for a dog used to wearing a collar whenever she’s outside, a little extra decoration around the neck is hardly an inconvenience.


Liquid Metal:

Metallics—especially gold—are a standout this year. And while Violet is no metallurgist, as an animal easily distracted by shiny objects she has plenty of appreciation for this new fashion trend. Her favorite metal? Who knows. But we like to put her in gold because she’s the best dog around and because sharing a bed with her will teach you plenty about conducting heat.


Fall Florals:

It’s a look that is not common this time of year, but florals were huge on the Fall 2016 runways. It’s a trend Violet can get on board with, what with her being named after a flower and all. Now, ideally, our little Violet would wear floral patterns as a form of camouflage, as a way of sneaking up on unsuspecting squirrels. But fashion isn’t about blending into the background, it’s about distinguishing yourself. We think Violet, here in florals and velvet (which is also having a moment this season) does a great job of that.


Bombs Away:

Vogue Magazine called the bomber “Fashion’s Favorite New Jacket.” Is it because of its versatility? Because a jacket that looks good on people and dogs is pretty versatile. Maybe it’s the way the bomber jacket complements a pair of aviators just so. Either way, Violet’s look here is undeniable. People were lobbing compliments her way like grenades. Bombs away indeed.