Clothes Hounds: Tom Hiddleston’s Gucci Costars

The 2017 Cruise Tailoring Campaign That Has Us Swooning

By Sarah Fisher

tom hiddleston gucci cruise tailoring 2017 Afghan hounds

Luxury travel, fashion, and dogs are the three pillars of the Get Leashed day dream. Nailing all three with a cherry on top – a celebrity heart throb – is the Gucci 2017 Cruise Tailoring Campaign.

British Actor, Tom Hiddleston, is certainly a big part of the appeal, but his Afghan Hound co-stars are the real scene stealers.

Afghan Hounds get their name from their native Afghanistan, where they developed their thick, luscious coats not just for show, but for protection against the harsh climate. They used their large paws to navigate the difficult terrain and while their origin in this nation is unknown, they are one of the world’s most ancient breeds.


Editorials aside, this gorgeous breed is best paired with a special owner, up to the challenge of grooming their long, silky fur (they can stand as high as 27 inches* at the shoulder!), and also capable of training an independent hound.

*Source: American Kennel Club

Afghan Hounds are no stranger to the fashion spotlight, having been featured in a MAC campaign and epitomized as the height of canine chic when Barbie herself debuted her hound, Beauty, over two decades ago.

While we know Tom’s former flame, Taylor, is most definitely a cat lady, it would seem he himself is a dog man at heart!


Set in American artist, Tony Duquette’s, Dawnridge Estate, photographer, Glen Luchford, and stylist, Joe McKenzie, transport us through one glamorous narrative. Who is Tom wearing that sharp, piped suit for? Where is he going in that fun pattern? Can anyone pull off white socks like Tom? And really, how does he keep the hound hair off the opulent furniture? So many questions.


Enjoy this fashion Friday moment.


Gucci 2017 Photographer Glen Luchford