Paranormal Pets: Can Our Pets Sense Paranormal Activity?

We investigate this spooky phenomenon

By Ava Agata Gorecki

paranormal pets spooky phenomenon

Fall is packed with ominous feelings, strange superstitions and eerie delights. It’s the season where our minds start to wander to the darker things in life, like ghosts, witches and pumpkin spice lattes.

With falling leaves sounding like whispers, and cracking twigs making us jump a little more than usual, I can’t help but to turn my attention to my dog, staring at nothing, being creepy AF.

Can they see something we can’t? Can our pets sense ghosts? I mean, dogs are able to sense cancer, so maybe they’re able to sense a spirit from the great beyond.

According to science, it’s not ghosts they’re sniffing out; more likely they’re detecting small changes in the environment not noticeable to our downgraded senses. During the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, wild and domestic animals were able to sense its impending arrival and exhibited vocal warnings, behavior changes, and the desire to run for cover. According to some experts, the animals were able to sense the vibrational changes on land from the arriving tsunami far before humans could.

Their extraordinary sense of smell, keen hearing, and dog’s eye view all contribute to their seemingly supernatural behavior.

Similarly, according to those who believe in the paranormal, our pets are more susceptible to picking up energy from the other side, also known as their “sixth sense.”

Here are some possible signs that Fido is contacting Casper (or has found a gate to the Upside Down).


They stare at nothing

Staring at nothing can be attributed to animals’ heightened awareness of movement and sound, particularly in cats. Your cat’s eyes may be fixed on an area in an apparent stare, but they’re actually intently listening for any signs of delicious life —  not communing with an afterlife. Or, maybe you do you have a free-loading ghost and landlord kitty is coming to collect. #BansheeBettaHaveMyMoney

They bark/growl/hiss at nothing

This behavior can be attributed to them hearing something scurrying in the walls, attention-seeking behavior, breed peculiarities or sensing something out of the norm. That “outta-the-norm” is probably a lurking poltergeist waiting to knock that glass of water right off the table. Or, at least that’s what your asshole cat wants you to think. #ParanormalCativity

Their eyes are following nothing

Your pets’ eyes are following something around the room that you can’t see, and now you’re reaching for your salt shaker to create a protective circle (bath salts will work in a pinch). This can be due to light reflections, small flying insects, and unrecognized sounds carrying throughout the area. Or, it can be a sticky-fingers ghost scoping out your apartment for its next collectible. #PolterHeist

Does something wicked this way come? Is it your pooch digging into your dirty laundry? Or something more sinister? Happy Hallowiener!

dachshund in hot dog

Have you had an encounter of the ghost-y kind? Let us know.