13 Halloween Dog Costumes We Wish We Had Invented

What Sharp Teeth and What Sharp Wit!

By Erik Ryken


Leaves are falling and pumpkins are beginning to reveal their faces. It’s that time of year again, where all of the pups are discussing their dog-stumes and the delicious treats they’re hoping to score. Dogs have many reasons to love Halloween but sometimes, we admit, it’s easy for us to get carried away when we draw up their costume ideas.

As the night in question draws near, let’s have a look at some successful ensembles that have transformed a number of dogs into entirely new creatures, from the spooky, to the weird, to the just plain hilarious.


Photo credit: Inhabitat

1. Chia Pet

We begin with the Chia Pet that has come to life. This tutorial will help you bring this retro-inspired costume to fruition. Enjoy the strangeness.


Photo credit: BossDogsCo

2. Cowboy (with Arms)

It’s a classic technique: adding plush arms to any costume makes it more ridiculous. Famously implemented on this cat pirate, here’s a cowboy in some dashing fur boots.


Photo credit: MrRuffalitos

3. Dinosaur

Next up, another brazen outfit; the ultimate carnivore. This fearsome tyrannosaurus-rex could take your dog’s confidence level to furious new heights.


Photo credit: HinterlandsHound

4. Alligator

Following on the reptilian theme, this alligator looks like the happiest we’ve ever seen. The artist who body-painted this Malinois is also responsible for the next costume on our list, and she uses special Pet Paint that is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and made with mineral and vegetable oil.


Photo credit: HinterlandsHound

5. Skeleton

Nixe, the skeleton dog, has become a kind of star in the world of dog-stumes. This German shepherd was outfitted in a safe face paint to achieve this barebones effect.


Photo credit: DudeTherapy

6. Unicorn

This anatomical transformation is so simple yet so hard to maintain. The ice cream cone unicorn may not be the most convincing costume, and it may not stay above this dog’s mouth for long, but it sure will demonstrate the patience of any dog beholden to its charm.


Photo credit: Tompkins Square Dog Run

7. Tornado

In the event of a chilly Halloween night, a dog might wish to be engulfed in a warm outfit. Perhaps a raging tornado would do the trick.


Photo credit: Anthony Rubio Designs

8. Batman

If your dog is less interested in wreaking havoc, but wishes to heroically free the city of injustice, they may be looking for a sleek Batman getup to keep their fur armored.


Photo credit: Sarah Burton/Buzzfeed

9. Sarah Jessica Parker at the Met Gala

The same designer responsible for the Batdog above can be thanked for sheer ingenuity in his creation of a chihuahua-sized version of Sarah Jessica Parker at the Met Gala. What vibrancy and imagination!


Photo credit: DudeTherapy

10. Indiana Jones

Sometimes all that’s needed is the perfect piece of headwear and the outfit is made. That’s all this golden retriever needed to imitate Harrison Ford as the legendary Indiana Jones.


Photo credit: Vanity Fair

11. Where’s Waldo

This reminds us of another simplistic formula for an instantly recognizable traveller: stripes, glasses, hat and presto, you’re Waldo. Please do not lose this fuzzy friend!


Photo credit: ZeusLife

12. Rufferee

For the dog who loves wearing stripes but who thinks that Waldo is played out, here’s the perfect alternative.


Photo credit: Mashable / Reddit

13. Bowser and Chomp

Finally, if your dog doesn’t want to be stuck alone in a costume, consider pairing them with a friend, as in this clever take on Bowser and Chomp from the Super Mario series.

And for those of the two-legged variety who are more inclined to curl up to a creepy film or spend the night in their lair, consider shaking up one of these cocktails.