Life of Vi: Trick or Treat

Violet Gets Into the Halloween spirit (and Into a Costume or Six)

By Rachel Simpson


Some people struggle to come up with costume ideas. Not our Violet; her problem isn’t coming up with an idea but settling on one. Here are her six favorite Halloween costumes this year. Which one should she go with? 



The masquerade costume is a natural for Violet considering how often people stop her on the street to say things like, “Oh my god, it’s like you’re wearing a little mask!” So wearing a mask is something she’s comfortable with. And what girl doesn’t jump at the chance to wear a boa?



She isn’t particularly graceful or elegant, she isn’t shy or elusive, and she doesn’t have magical powers. Violet isn’t very unicorn-like. But she has this going for her: unicorns don’t actually exist, and Violet? Well, she’s so cute it’s hard to believe she’s real.

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