Wandering For Wieners: The Top Dog Of Germany

We search out the best in honor of Oktoberfest

By Ava Agata Gorecki


Berlin: a city of politics, underground culture and tech start-ups, where adventure looms and wieners are waiting to be gobbled up. As a sausage enthusiast myself, I couldn’t wait to arrive in the country of the brat, and get to stuffing my face.

Behind its tumbled wall, and remnants of a failed government’s past, lies a hidden secret. And that secret is the culinary masterpiece known as the currywurst.


What is currywurst?

It’s the perfect blend of ketchup, spices and curry powder, slathered onto a delicious German bratwurst and served with a side of fries. Traditionally, the carb of choice to pair with a sausage is the classic bun, so this creation is certainly shaking things up. Currywurst’s humble beginnings are rooted in Berlin, where #BossLady Herta Heuwer got hold of some ketchup and curry powder from British soldiers in 1949. (The British are coming and they’re packing some serious wiener accessories.) She operated from a small street stand which quickly turned into a restaurant when business started booming among the construction workers who were rebuilding the city and needed to get their hands on some quick street sausage. Currywurst has now become a fast food staple across Germany.



During this Oktoberfest season, as you’re knocking back beers the size of my backside, keep your eyes peeled and nasal cavities flared for the hint of captivating curry. A wiener is best shared with good friends and a cold beer. Prost!

Contenders in the fight for Eastern European Top Dog included: The German bratwurst and Polish and Czech kielbasas.

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