Warren Porter

The Iron Gate Wine President & Sidecar Molly

By The Get Leashed Doggy Style Team

warren porter and sidecar molly get leashed doggy style feature

Seeing this pair zipping around the streets of Toronto, it became a Get Leashed quest to sit down with the tiny dog happily riding sidecar with their owner in a vintage Vespa. When we got our chance to meet the infamous duo, the experience was even better up close; you just can’t help but smile, and that’s a big part of the fun for Warren, and we think for Molly too.  After making possibly the greatest purchase ever, Warren outfitted Molly with protective eye-wear and the rest is history. Molly is content to go cruising through the city’s most vibrant neighborhoods and even accompanies Warren to work. Wine lovers, read on with envy as we get to know these fascinating partners of the road.

Please tell us about yourself, your profession, and what a typical work day is like.

I own a company called Iron Gate Private Wine Management. We have a wine storage facility where we store about 120 000 bottles of wine underground, and I also sell high end wine collections around the world. We take multi-hundred thousand and million dollar wine collections and sell them in places like New York or Hong Kong. I love wine so the ‘job’ is fun.

Please tell us a bit about Molly. How did she come into your life? Is there a story behind the name or particular breed?

My wife really wanted a dog, and I was originally against it because we travel a lot. We went on to Pet Finder and I needed a dog that was hypoallergenic, small but not dopey small, wouldn’t shed, and would be trainable. Molly came from Northern Quebec, and she was a rescue but we don’t know her back story for certain. Her name was Chanel when we got her, and there was no way I was going to be calling out ‘Chanel’ in the park, so we renamed her Molly.

She’s a good office dog so I take her to work with me in the sidecar. I find that a dog in the office just changes the energy of it and I love that.

How would you describe your personal style?

I dress in one of two ways: either my wife picks it, or I take whatever is at the top of the pile and call it a day.

How would you describe the look and feel of your home?

I like picking up a piece of something when we travel. We picked up the Keith Richards piece from a guy in Southern Thailand doing paintings that I thought was really cool, and we like to bring home little pieces from anywhere we go.


What does your ideal weekend look like?

We like booting around the city. We don’t spend a lot of time here in winter but in summer, I love the city. We take the scooter into Kensington, hang out, and go on rides everywhere. It’s fun just watching people light up, and driving around watching their reactions; it really makes people happy, so we do a lot of that. Sometimes we’ll go somewhere to have lunch or head to the beach together, so weekends are chill for us.

What inspires you?

We go to a lot of live comedy, wherever we go, and watch a lot of improv in Toronto. There’s a monthly show here that I’ve missed maybe five times in ten years. We catch shows around the world when we travel – Chicago and Los Angeles are both great – so I would say seeing new things, meeting people, and watching live theater.

Finally, can you leave us with a funny story about Molly?

When we got Molly, we had a cat, and she wanted to hunt it (the first thing she likes to do in the morning is run to the tree in our backyard and look for squirrels).

After a month of the cat hiding in our basement, we brought a trainer in and they asked “what’s the one thing you want Molly to be able to do?” Of course we said, for her to not kill the cat. The trainer said give me five minutes, and within five minutes she had the dog sitting next to the cat, and within a month, the two of them could be together in a room with us away and they became friends. It was amazing to watch what a trainer can do. If I give one command Molly will listen, and it’s so much more relaxing taking her in public and having her around people.

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