Living the Lavish Life

13 Items for the Ultimate in Pet Opulence

By Erik Ryken


Living the life of luxury requires strategic planning. Pampered pooches and felines have material priorities that are beyond the knowledge of the uninitiated, pedestrian pet; how else will their fans and followers know to look up to them? Serving as a primer into this world, we’ve rounded up several objects of desire for very important pets. These distinguished lifestyle items remind the materially endowed pet that no day deserves to be ordinary. They also remind their owners who they are really working for.

In order of most to least attainable:

1. Les Pooches, Michel’s VIP Parfum, $120-4,000


A pampered pet knows the indispensability of olfactory splendor. Crafted specially as a unisex dog fragrance, Michel’s VIP Parfum offers the perfect blend of sandalwood, vetiver, orris, and osmanthus flower essence to appreciative passersby.

2. Versace, Medusa Gala Dog Bowl, $995


Water tastes flavorless and homely from a basic bowl. The taste of wealth requires the stunning glare of Medusa’s stare from this gold-detailed, $995 dog bowl by Versace. Part of the Medusa Gala series, this bowl can be accompanied by an entire tableware family for human companions.

3. Bitch New York, Pet Sequins Couture Dog Dress, $1,000


Dog formalwear can reach monetary heights that many people refuse to understand, but not every dog feels comfortable at a gala or wedding naked and surrounded by decked out humans. Thankfully Bitch New York carries the selection that dogs dream of. Adorned with sequins and unapologetically pink, this $1,000 couture dress is here for the dog who’s been waiting to shine like a star queen.

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