Watch A Dog’s Toy Come to Life and Win the Internet

If You Dress Up As Anything This Year, Let It Be This

By The Get Leashed Trends Team



Here at Get Leashed, we mix business with pleasure. While we know many of you also find yourselves scrolling late into the night into the center of the internet looking at dogs (shootout to our late night homies), we do it in the name of research!

The internet was blessed with another viral hit when Jolene the golden met her hero. Minding her own business, chewing on her favorite chew toy, something magical happened.

Would you go to this length for your dog? We predict Gumby taking over Harley Quinn’s spot as 2016’s top costume.

So whether you dress up as an old tennis ball or shredded squirrel to delight your dog, remember – not all heroes wear capes.