A Canine Moustache Portfolio

Seven Moustache Profiles to Consider this Movember

By Erik Ryken

movember dogs 2016

This month, the Movember Foundation brings visibility to men’s health issues. While some choose to fundraise by growing their own ‘mo,’ there are plenty of other ways to help the cause, including various physical activity challenges and all kinds of fun events. A while back we had the chance to sit down with a great Mo Bro, Jesse Lee Hayman, and learned just how dedicated this organization’s team is.

In case you need a bit of mo-tivation to get involved this Movember, check out these dog breeds, known to be sporting some of the most stylin’ ‘staches around.


German Wirehaired Pointer

German Wirehaired Pointers are among the most expressive moustache-wearing canines, and sport their facial fur in a variety of styles and shapes. While they often look serious – as this one does, scrunching his nose in concentration – these are definitely fun-loving pooches. Since no two look the same, you may even be inspired to upgrade your own sense of style when going out with these dogs.


Wheaten Terrier

Wheatens have trouble playing down their sheer friendliness. Their smiles are substantial and their moustaches are as much a part of this expression as their full-bodied acts of joy.


Lhasa Apso

Some have trouble noticing that the Lhasa Apso is a dog of true vision. They mistake their silky, parted hair for an impediment before realizing that this dog can see and knows how to lead. Observe the grace and poise captured in this still of one majestic footstep. Many young moustache wearers dream of skipping the endurance required to grow such luxurious strands, so this look has become synonymous with refined elders.


Bearded Collie

These Bearded Collies are revealing the typical tongue-out Tuesday pose that they excel at. Framing these grins are the grey-blonde archways of their billowy fur – serious contenders for being the pouffiest of moustaches.



Another full face of scruff, the Schnauzer grows a classic, shapely moustache as a part of their timeless appeal. Schnauzers are dependable dogs with dependable faces of furry sweetness. We have been appreciating their charm and dedication for a long time.



Offering an inquisitive countenance, Airedales are known to keep their expressions forward and present. They are great listeners who display their attentiveness to any meaningful conversation around.


Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffons are known to grow their moustaches to approximately three times the average volume of their heads. For their toy stature this is a remarkable ability. Growing a moustache in this style takes great patience and a commitment to stern appearances.