Apawthecary Dog Bath Time Roundup

Petcare Products You’ll Both Love Using At Home

By The Get Leashed Goods Team


Sometimes ‘I woke up like this’ isn’t necessarily a good look, and this does not exclude pups. From time to time, even the most regal canine requires some touch ups in between professional grooming. The good news is, there are now tons of great brands making petcare products that rival the quality in ingredients and design of the products you use on yourself. As we push to make more cities and spaces pet-friendly, help us fight the stereotype that dogs are stinky! While bath time is a necessity and not always the easiest of tasks, why not turn it into a bonding experience? Scent is very powerful for memory recall, so suds up with something you love and build more happy memories with your fuzzy, fragrant friend.

The Dry Shampoo


The Shampoo You’ll Mix Up With Yours


The Cool Liquid Shampoo


The Cuddly Coat Shampoo


The Coat Conditioner


The Luxury Towel


We hope you will both enjoy your next bath time experience.