Woman Bumps Into Hillary Clinton Walking Her Dog Day after Election

A chance meeting restores hope for this mom

 By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Margot Gerster / Photographer Bill Clinton

After the shocking events of the recent presidential election, Margot Gerster was walking with her baby daughter, Phoebe when she unexpectedly bumped into none other than Bill and Hillary Clinton walking their dog, Maisie!

After asking Bill to take their photo, Margot posted it to Facebook.

Margot detailed the run in on Facebook. Like many others, she felt lost this week and shared this timely experience with Hillary to offer some encouragement to others.


Margot Gerster via Facebook

The internet reacted:

Amy Mednick via Twitter

In response to Margot’s post, others on social media shared this happy moment and found comfort in Hillary continuing to move forward by doing what brings so many of us peace and solace in our hardest moments – walking her dog in the park. Life goes on and it’s made easier with our best friends – our dogs!

The world continues when we still have hope. #LoveTrumpsHate